Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday 13

13 Fabulous things I did today!

1. Woke my Kindergartner up for the last day of school!
2. Peeked like a fly on the wall as J gave Mrs. D and Ms. L their homemade coffee mugs
3. Saw the excitement in A as she RAN to greet her bub after school
4. Pushed back tears as I went through J's backpack for the last time in Kindergarten
5. Went to PLaytime with 5 other moms and a total of 13 children.
6. Got up at least 10 times to get pizza, drinks, ice cream, potty breaks, least it wored off the cobbler and ice cream :)
7. Played arcade games like a kid with my kid
8. Woke a sleeping 2 year old to go to white water
9. Found a friend at white water...J's new friend Brandon. Happy to have had them move to the area! (must get J, Z, and Brandon together!)
10. Sat in a tube with A in lap as I leaisurely floated down the Lazy River
11. Floating next to J silence surrounding us minutes before park was closing
12. Car ride home...tried to put on relaxing music for kids instead ended up radio got stuck on FULL BLAST CRAZY COUNTRY ROCK!!! We were laughing so hard J almost wet his pants!
13. A falling asleep during the comotion of the crazy possesed radio!

We had a great 1st day of summer can't wait for many many more with BUDDIES!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007


Alana has recently confessed to the Blackhole that is Target, I too have been at the mercy of the Blackhole. Although recently (friday) I went their for Ziploc Baggies. I was sooooo proud of myself because even though we walked almost every aisle those darn ziploc baggies only cost me $30!

$ was a MIRACLE!!!! I have never stepped foot out of the Blackhole for under $100.

The things my personal shopper were telling me were:

"stop looking at the sale toys, you currently have more stock in your 'gift closet' than most small toy stores have in inventory."

"Step away from the adorable Nike Golf Swoosh hat your 6 year old doesn't NEED a $20 hat for his golf lessons"

"Beach towels are you seriously looking at Beach towels?! Didn't you just try to close the lid of the bin of beach towels by sitting on it!"

"Movie?! As if you actually have time to sit with your husband for a 2 hour time period"


"Ice cream? Seriously by the time you take the 2 year old who has to go potty to the potty, check out, buy a hot dog and icee, and drive over to school to pick up the 6 year old, and then drive home...YES it will be MELTED!!!!"

"Aren't ya glad the 2 year old has chosen this particular time to have to pee...Now you GET to skip all the home decor and SCRAPBOOKING AISLES. Cha-ching in your wallet"

Those are few of the adorable things my personal shopper said to me on Friday. Alana dear I will be you blackhole me when you have to go and we will help each other through this 12 step process!

P.S. my personal shopper failed to keep me from buying another box of cereal! And then my dear sweet husband stopped with kids in the cereal aisle on Saturday. Big mistake. he got my favorite for me plus one for yes we are now at 17 boxes of cereal.

did i mention that i will be providing the main dish for june supper guessed it baby CEREAL!!!!!!!!

20 years ago....

Have you ever had those moments where you stop and think, is this for real??? I was walking at White water today with J holding one hand and A holding the other hand and i paused for a moment thinking, where did the time go and how could i have 2 kids? Am I really big enough
to have kids?

maybe it was because we were at white water...a place that 20 years ago our parents would just drop me and my friends off for a day of fun. 20 years ago! Is that even possible??? 20 years ago we were the annoying kids zooming thru the lazy river splashing. Now I am so completely annoyed by those same kids, I may have even shot some"looks" to would be splashers. Could I be getting crochety in my old age?

Oh well...wonder if I will venture white water in another 20 years?

Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm Never Bored....

Will we ever slow down and not have things scheduled daily? Is this possible? When might that occur? Will I be 50? Is it possible to still function without the hecticness? While I complain about always being busy and not having time to do the things I love (scrapbooking), would I be happy with a slower life?

Probably not, I think we live for the fast paced life. It gives excitement and thrill. I think also maybe I and my family can appreciate the occasional day of NOTHING, because they are so few and far between. I truely believe that I can never recall a single time that either of my children have said "I'm Bored." Maybe my lack of "free time" is truely because I spend the free time down on the floor with my kids, rather than in my scrapbook room. We may have to have a spider web hunt in my scrapbook room, afterall it has been that long since I walked in that room. This evening when I arrived home from the giftshop I was greeted by my kids who had built a tent in the living room for all of us to 'camp' in and watch a movie. How could I resist.....

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday 13...13 Cereals I have in my pantry!

1.Corn Chex
3.Corn Pops
4.Lucky Charms chocolate
5.Lucky Charms berry
6.Dora the Explorer cinnamon stars
7.Apple Jacks x2
8.Cinnamon LIFE
9.Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Berry Crunch
10.Reese's Puffs
11.Sugar Frosted Flakes
12.Rice Krispies x2
13.Fruity cheerios

I also have a bag of Post Toasty Mateys aka regular Lucky Charms. Oddly enough I have to hit the grocery store today because the Corn Chex are dangerously low! Anyone wanns come over for breakfast! :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Grab your credit cards girls!

OK ladies I am packing my bags...who is with me? lets go to Memphis. We cannot pass up the opportunity to SAVE $$$$$. Now I realize we may have to spend money, but hey you gotta spend money to save money right??? Ok so maybe it is the other way around.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Live everyday as if it is your last one...

In the past couple of weeks I have really thought about that statement. Live everyday as if it is your last one. It seems when people are given a "deadline" on their life, they treasure each day. Why do we wait until we are given a "deadline"???

I want to treasure everyday NOW. I know this will make me a better wife, mom, and friend.

Ok...onto the lighter things

Today we went to the creek. AJ saw her first tadpole, which she said was sooo cute! JP caught his first tadpole and crawdad. AP taught JP to skip a rock and I enjoyed taking pictures of the whole event. Should be a totally cute scrapbook page! Now if I can just figure out how to rotate my pics on this blog!
Alana here are my answers:

-favorite low cost beauty product is Nightime Baby Lotion

-Favorite Beauty Splurge I guess the Origins Stress Relief Headache stuff???

-Beauty Product can't live without...cannot tell whole world, but my closest friends know :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Goals for the Summer

I have got to have a goal or goals for this summer. As I cleaned and yes shopped today I thought about what that goal would be...

First, I wanna wear a bikini again!

By the end of this summer I must wear one! That is my first goal.

Second, I want to get caught up in scrapbooking!
sidenote...has anyone seen the scrapbooking cottage you can rent out for scrapping nights? It is in the kids directory that is free everywhere. How fun would that be!

My son has 30 pairs of shoes!

Yes you read that right. My 6 year old has 30 pairs of shoes. Is this too many? Am I setting him up to be metro-sexual? I do not know. Does he wear them all, you may ask. Yes he does. Of the 28 pairs here is the breakdown:

-2 soccer cleats
-1 baseball cleats
-2 basketball hi tops
-3 white casual tennis shoes
-1 croc
-3 sandals
-2 fall sneakers
-6 flip flops
-3 running shoes
-1 black dress shoe
-1 brown casual
-1 water shoe
-2 skater shoes

Thursday 13

13 things I will be to be doing TODAY

1. Laundry...Avery actually ran out of panties!
2.Target...I need shampoo and toothpaste
3. Home and paint
4.Old Navy...return manequin outfits that clearly looked better on the manequin
5.Childrens Place...return outfits that we all know AJ obviously doesn't need
6.AJ's closet...make room for the outfits that I will probably buy when I return the other ones because I clearly have a problem in purchasing too many clothes for my children.
7.JP's room...time for a clearing out and I can only do this when he is at school
8.My closet...If the kids aren't allowed to keep their clothes in a heap, I probably shouldn't either.
9.Bank...gotta have money!
10.Post Office...gotta give the money away!
11.Pick up Son...I love this time of day.
12.Dinner...since we didn't stop for lunch we better eat dinner. Maybe we will have cereal.
13.Give husband back rub...he does this so often for me without complaining, I think it is time I repay the favor.

I wanna a big belly

Eating breakfast this am AJ has proclaimed "I wanna a BIG belly". In response I say, "Oh really." Then she says with great exclaimation in a sort of Valley Girl voice, "Yay! Just like yours!"

Do I take complement that she wants to be like me? Or do I feel annoyed that she thinks my belly is big?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Did Daddy's Shirt Fall Off?

OK...I know you are thinking that question was asked in the bedroom, but not so much. AJ was walking down the hill to the backyard with me when she asked, "Did Daddy's shirt fall off?" Daddy was painting our shed this evening with his shirt off. I suppose this was the first time this spring AJ had seen Daddy working outside without a shirt. Without missing a beat she said "Yep that's right Daddy's shirt falled off somewheres"

We should write a book of these cute things all our 2 year olds say!

I'm too dizzy

A- who is quite talkative and articulate very often tells me she is too dizzy. I have thought it was so cute for so long, that I never really stopped to think she might be trying to say something other than I'm too dizzy.

So the other day when I asked her if she would clean up some of her toys she replied, " No I'm too dizzy" It was at that moment I realized she thinks she is saying I'm too busy!

All this time I think she is just cute and really she is just being a bossy little babe. Wrong as it may be I will not correct her because hearing a 2 year old say I'm too dizzy is just too cute.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My husband rocks!

OK so tonight I arrived home at 7:15pm from teaching 2 gymnastics classes. I am not positive but looking back I think I actually walked in and headed strait to the computer sitting on the dining room table, where I began to read blogs and do my own. I was sitting in my own bubble ignoring the noise and chaos surrounding me, while my husband fed, pj'ed, and tucked in the kids. Then I seemed to realize it was quiet and I look up to see him now cooking me dinner.

MY MAN ROCKS!! And bonus he is hot too!

Ew Gross...I think I vomited in my mouth!

Today I picked up my son from school and as always excitedly looked into his backpack to see what masterpieces he had created. Only today to my HORROR, I pulled out the ever dreaded piece of paper. The paper informed me that A child in my precious son's class had LICE. Eew! I think i just vomited in my mouth! Is it wrong that all I could think about is how disgusting the thought was? Just talking about it makes my head itch!

Now my child certainly did not have any of these little boogers in his head, BUT the culprit does sit at his table...YES now I am FREAKING OUT! I disected J's head throughly just in case the school nurse overlooked. NOTHING THERE...good. Still I was not satisfied. So i looked through my cabinets and decided that SUN-IN hair lightener would be potent enough to kill anything that was maybe overlooked. I also know that hair dryer dried hair is also more resistent to Lice. So we sprayed and dried. I felt better....But maybe a shower and another hair drying would be good too. You know just to be on the safe side. :) So we did that for both kids. Still I am feeling disgusted by the thought of some kids bugs jumping onto my kids head...EW Gross. I remember J's hair dresser saying the more PRODUCT you use the better the hair is resistent to Lice. PERFECT! So as you know J is growing his hair out for summer and has been enjoying wearing it down....beware Wednesday for he will have 3 inch tall spikes complete with gel, glue, and wax---topped off with hair spray. Afterall you can never be too prepared right??

EW Gross!!!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The adventure at the landing

Picture this it is Saturday and we have a birthday party to be at. Big shocker...we are running late! Avery my adorable blond cutie with pig tails NEEDS to take her "Pink Dinysaur" (and yes that is the spelling of her pink build-a-dino). Pink Dinysaur cannot travel without her stroller and sunglasses. Wait! If pink Dinysaur has her sunglasses then Avery must have her pink sunglasses. Almost to the car...hey if Ave has sunglasses her big brother needs them. Back in the house. Got em. Ok we are in the car...wait where are mine..out of the car...oh yeah on my head. Back in the car. YES we are on our way! We arrive down at the Landing at the closest possible spot, which seems to only be a mile away from our final destination. ok we are only 10 minutes we will walk fast. we start the trek with a lot of stares afterall all four of us are wearing our sunglasses and the 2 year old is pushing her own stroller and the 6 year old who now knows he is cute from actual girls is walking like a teenager. we are making good time even with the distraction of all the street vendors...when the flip flop won't stay on. WHY IS IT SOOO IN STYLE FOR A 2 YEAR OLD TO WEAR FLIP FLOPS??? Whatever happened to those goofy white boot like shoe that we all wore till like 4??? Oh well that is another post.
So after 18 flip flop adjustments and slowly pushing a 24" pink dinysaur a mile we finally arrived at the party...just 20 minutes late. That is just fashionably late right??

2 hours later after a FABULOUS...or shall I say FURbulous party (great job dixie and thank you for inviting us) i was ready to go. So out the door I went with my now tired, hungry, and hate the flip flops so Ican't walk 2 year old. I was now carrying the doll stroller, pink dinysaur, the 2 year old, bear condo #1 filled with Dottie the pirate dressed bear cub, bear condo #2 filled with Choco Sparkles the bikini wearing bear cub and of course a verry heavy over filled purse/diaper bag. All that could be done is walk...walk fast...VERY FAST or you might drop something...possibly the 2 year old. Do you know how many people are in your rway when you are trying to walk olympic speed fast while balancing 42 pounds of moving objects?? Much to my surprise the goofy 6 year old cutie grabbed without being asked the cub condos and carried them both! 10 steps from the car he volunteered to take the doll stoller as well. What a man he will be someday! At 6 to be seen in public pushing a doll stroller is huge! we are now at the car and loading up...there are not enough seat belts for pink dinysaur, choco sparkles, dottie, and my REAL kids...whatever will we do??? Pulling out of the parking lot 10 minutes later I look back to a sleeping 2 year old and a proud 6 year old....afterall he did carry 2 cub condos and sunglasses!