Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The adventure at the landing

Picture this it is Saturday and we have a birthday party to be at. Big shocker...we are running late! Avery my adorable blond cutie with pig tails NEEDS to take her "Pink Dinysaur" (and yes that is the spelling of her pink build-a-dino). Pink Dinysaur cannot travel without her stroller and sunglasses. Wait! If pink Dinysaur has her sunglasses then Avery must have her pink sunglasses. Almost to the car...hey if Ave has sunglasses her big brother needs them. Back in the house. Got em. Ok we are in the car...wait where are mine..out of the car...oh yeah on my head. Back in the car. YES we are on our way! We arrive down at the Landing at the closest possible spot, which seems to only be a mile away from our final destination. ok we are only 10 minutes late...so we will walk fast. we start the trek with a lot of stares afterall all four of us are wearing our sunglasses and the 2 year old is pushing her own stroller and the 6 year old who now knows he is cute from actual girls is walking like a teenager. we are making good time even with the distraction of all the street vendors...when the flip flop won't stay on. WHY IS IT SOOO IN STYLE FOR A 2 YEAR OLD TO WEAR FLIP FLOPS??? Whatever happened to those goofy white boot like shoe that we all wore till like 4??? Oh well that is another post.
So after 18 flip flop adjustments and slowly pushing a 24" pink dinysaur a mile we finally arrived at the party...just 20 minutes late. That is just fashionably late right??

2 hours later after a FABULOUS...or shall I say FURbulous party (great job dixie and thank you for inviting us) i was ready to go. So out the door I went with my now tired, hungry, and hate the flip flops so Ican't walk 2 year old. I was now carrying the doll stroller, pink dinysaur, the 2 year old, bear condo #1 filled with Dottie the pirate dressed bear cub, bear condo #2 filled with Choco Sparkles the bikini wearing bear cub and of course a verry heavy over filled purse/diaper bag. All that could be done is walk...walk fast...VERY FAST or you might drop something...possibly the 2 year old. Do you know how many people are in your rway when you are trying to walk olympic speed fast while balancing 42 pounds of moving objects?? Much to my surprise the goofy 6 year old cutie grabbed without being asked the cub condos and carried them both! 10 steps from the car he volunteered to take the doll stoller as well. What a man he will be someday! At 6 to be seen in public pushing a doll stroller is huge! we are now at the car and loading up...there are not enough seat belts for pink dinysaur, choco sparkles, dottie, and my REAL kids...whatever will we do??? Pulling out of the parking lot 10 minutes later I look back to a sleeping 2 year old and a proud 6 year old....afterall he did carry 2 cub condos and sunglasses!


Alana said...

Another one bites the dust! Yay, Jen! Glad to have ya!

Janelle said...

Welcome to the dark side! This will be so fun!

Celeste Justice said...

We are for sure moving to Ozark/Nixa. I will on campus in Springfield in the fall, and starting to work in the classroom up there. I'd much rather have Jamas commute than the kids and me. If he gets in a wreck he is alone in a tank of a truck, if I do I am driving a van with a knocking noise, the airbag light on, and two screaming children. Plus, I doubt we will move back to Branson down the road. Drury has an insane amount of student teaching, and there is no way I could do it, plus have a long commute and drop kids off in daycare along the way.

shelley said...

yes! we're slowly converting everyone!