Monday, May 28, 2007


Alana has recently confessed to the Blackhole that is Target, I too have been at the mercy of the Blackhole. Although recently (friday) I went their for Ziploc Baggies. I was sooooo proud of myself because even though we walked almost every aisle those darn ziploc baggies only cost me $30!

$ was a MIRACLE!!!! I have never stepped foot out of the Blackhole for under $100.

The things my personal shopper were telling me were:

"stop looking at the sale toys, you currently have more stock in your 'gift closet' than most small toy stores have in inventory."

"Step away from the adorable Nike Golf Swoosh hat your 6 year old doesn't NEED a $20 hat for his golf lessons"

"Beach towels are you seriously looking at Beach towels?! Didn't you just try to close the lid of the bin of beach towels by sitting on it!"

"Movie?! As if you actually have time to sit with your husband for a 2 hour time period"


"Ice cream? Seriously by the time you take the 2 year old who has to go potty to the potty, check out, buy a hot dog and icee, and drive over to school to pick up the 6 year old, and then drive home...YES it will be MELTED!!!!"

"Aren't ya glad the 2 year old has chosen this particular time to have to pee...Now you GET to skip all the home decor and SCRAPBOOKING AISLES. Cha-ching in your wallet"

Those are few of the adorable things my personal shopper said to me on Friday. Alana dear I will be you blackhole me when you have to go and we will help each other through this 12 step process!

P.S. my personal shopper failed to keep me from buying another box of cereal! And then my dear sweet husband stopped with kids in the cereal aisle on Saturday. Big mistake. he got my favorite for me plus one for yes we are now at 17 boxes of cereal.

did i mention that i will be providing the main dish for june supper guessed it baby CEREAL!!!!!!!!

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Alana said...

I totally psyched myself up this last time and was ONLY going to buy Pull-ups. $90 later...HELP!!