Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ew Gross...I think I vomited in my mouth!

Today I picked up my son from school and as always excitedly looked into his backpack to see what masterpieces he had created. Only today to my HORROR, I pulled out the ever dreaded piece of paper. The paper informed me that A child in my precious son's class had LICE. Eew! I think i just vomited in my mouth! Is it wrong that all I could think about is how disgusting the thought was? Just talking about it makes my head itch!

Now my child certainly did not have any of these little boogers in his head, BUT the culprit does sit at his table...YES now I am FREAKING OUT! I disected J's head throughly just in case the school nurse overlooked. NOTHING THERE...good. Still I was not satisfied. So i looked through my cabinets and decided that SUN-IN hair lightener would be potent enough to kill anything that was maybe overlooked. I also know that hair dryer dried hair is also more resistent to Lice. So we sprayed and dried. I felt better....But maybe a shower and another hair drying would be good too. You know just to be on the safe side. :) So we did that for both kids. Still I am feeling disgusted by the thought of some kids bugs jumping onto my kids head...EW Gross. I remember J's hair dresser saying the more PRODUCT you use the better the hair is resistent to Lice. PERFECT! So as you know J is growing his hair out for summer and has been enjoying wearing it down....beware Wednesday for he will have 3 inch tall spikes complete with gel, glue, and wax---topped off with hair spray. Afterall you can never be too prepared right??

EW Gross!!!

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