Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I'm too dizzy

A- who is quite talkative and articulate very often tells me she is too dizzy. I have thought it was so cute for so long, that I never really stopped to think she might be trying to say something other than I'm too dizzy.

So the other day when I asked her if she would clean up some of her toys she replied, " No I'm too dizzy" It was at that moment I realized she thinks she is saying I'm too busy!

All this time I think she is just cute and really she is just being a bossy little babe. Wrong as it may be I will not correct her because hearing a 2 year old say I'm too dizzy is just too cute.


Alana said...

Just how busy can a 2 year old be? Too funny! I can totally see her saying that.

Janelle said...

When Mackenzi was 2, Skip and I were pushing her on the swing. She kept saying she was busy, so we pushed her higher. She was really saying she was dizzy. Works both ways :)