Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday 13

13 things I will be to be doing TODAY

1. Laundry...Avery actually ran out of panties!
2.Target...I need shampoo and toothpaste
3. Home and paint
4.Old Navy...return manequin outfits that clearly looked better on the manequin
5.Childrens Place...return outfits that we all know AJ obviously doesn't need
6.AJ's closet...make room for the outfits that I will probably buy when I return the other ones because I clearly have a problem in purchasing too many clothes for my children.
7.JP's room...time for a clearing out and I can only do this when he is at school
8.My closet...If the kids aren't allowed to keep their clothes in a heap, I probably shouldn't either.
9.Bank...gotta have money!
10.Post Office...gotta give the money away!
11.Pick up Son...I love this time of day.
12.Dinner...since we didn't stop for lunch we better eat dinner. Maybe we will have cereal.
13.Give husband back rub...he does this so often for me without complaining, I think it is time I repay the favor.

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Janelle said...

Have an awesome and busy day! Makes me laugh!