Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday 13...13 Cereals I have in my pantry!

1.Corn Chex
3.Corn Pops
4.Lucky Charms chocolate
5.Lucky Charms berry
6.Dora the Explorer cinnamon stars
7.Apple Jacks x2
8.Cinnamon LIFE
9.Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Berry Crunch
10.Reese's Puffs
11.Sugar Frosted Flakes
12.Rice Krispies x2
13.Fruity cheerios

I also have a bag of Post Toasty Mateys aka regular Lucky Charms. Oddly enough I have to hit the grocery store today because the Corn Chex are dangerously low! Anyone wanns come over for breakfast! :)


Alana said...

Interventions to hold for Jen...

Excessive shoe buying

Cereal addiction


Janelle said... crack me up!

shelley said...

wow! it would take us 5 years to eat all that cereal!