Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday 13

After I posted this morning I thought about other facts about myself all day.

13 other quirky facts about myself!

1. I do not iron...EVER.

2. If I do not eat breakfast...I literally forget to eat.

3. I do not like Pepsi! Coke..prefer fountain with a straw

4. I do not like to take a shower or a bath if it is already wet...I have to be first!

5. I love to play in the snow.

6. I do not make my bed.

7. Most of the time I do not fold the clothes out of the dryer right away.

8. I blog in my head all day long!

9. I love a good peanut butter sandwich...fancy wheat bread pb and strawberry jelly grilled

10. I love planning special birthdays for my kids

11. I won't eat fish.

12. In grade school my husband did not like me as a 'girl' just as one of the guys to play basketball with.

13. My childhood blankie has a permanent spot under my pillow.

I have been tagged for a meme!

Ok so Alana at tagged me for a meme.

Here are 8 random facts about myself:

1. I married my 3rd grade crush. When my sister and I played house I was always married to Aaron.

2. I could live on ice cream and cereal...they are my 2 favorites.

3. I am usually the instigator of loudness and chaos in my house...not the kids. I love being silly with the kids!

4. I do not like birds in enclosed areas...they freak me out flying all over.

5. I still have all my Cabbage Patch Babies...20+ and it makes me crazy when AJ plays with them because she liks them naked! Does she not know that is not allowed! I always kept tmy dolls clothed, changed their diapers, and outfits daily.

6. I am thirifty. I love to snag a bargain! Totally scored last night...Thank you Target!

7. I birthday and christmas shop YEAR-ROUND. I have a whole GIFT CLOSET dedicated to this. Well actually now 2 closets. One my kids can 'shop' from for parties they go to and one that is top secret for my kids Christmas stuff.

8. I have been working at the same place for 20 years. Doesn't sound impressive... everybody works that long...yea I am only 28 1/2. Literally can't imagine not working, but at least my kids get to come with me. They love their 'office'.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Princess Daisy went swimming, Mommy reminisced

Friday, i enjoyed just watching the kids swim. It is so magical to just sit back and watch my babies. I am amazed at how fast the time has gone. My sweet baby girl, just one month shy of her third birthday. She is a girly girl full of imagination. She is a princess and loves pink. She loves Dora the Explorer and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She is passionate about her friends. She plays with them daily either as imaginary friends or in the flesh. She idolizes her bub and loves spending the day keeping up with him. She is Daddy's little girl and he is her "Pete". She makes me laugh without even speaking. Her smiles melt my heart. She has spunk, personality, and beauty; not to mention the cutest little bunsies! Love you too much, Princess Daisy...or are you Sleeping Beauty today!?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

What was I thinking?

My name is JP's MOM and I have a shopping problem. I am physically unable to pass up a bargain. From this point I must have my husband do all the grocery shopping. He is great at making a list and sticking to it. I, on the otherhand, not so much! After stalling for 3 weeks, because I know I am TERRIBLE at it, I had to go. My kids needed healthy snacks. So I went, and $174 later i still have nothing for dinner. And that is AFTER saving $41.

13 things I should NOT have bought

1. 6 cans of pringles

2. 30 individual drinkable yogurts. Seriously 6 were drank before I finished unloading car!

3. 144 cans of soda...I don't know what overcame me. We only drink 2-3 a day tops! So we are set for the next 72 or so days!

4. Eggs...we already have 18
5. Brats...thought we didn't have any but we had 1 pack in fridge and 1 pack in freezer. Good thing I lOVE brats.
6. Little debbie snack cake....I really don't need the junk food.
7. strawberry wafer thingys--bribe for A
8. Juicy Fruit ---bribe for J
9. Star Lofthouse cookies...not as good as the circle ones. I know that sounds ridiculous but there is more frosting per square inch of cookie on the circle ones!
10. Cinnamon Roll Toaster Stuedel...who am I kidding these are not 'breakfast' they are a fancy snack!
11. Frozen Dinners...i love you voila, but really i should get off the blog and make my own dinner.
12. Prepackaged stick convenient yet so lazy and expensive
13. Milk...It is expensive and apparently I need to buy organic so my boy is not drinking female hormones?????

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

jp's 'B'

Heavenly Father give me the strength and patience as well as the right words the next time I see 'mean kid'. 'Mean kid' is lacking in adult supervision and therefore a strong role model. While I am so eager to tell 'mean kid' what I think about their actions, I am willing to control my hurt and anger to hopefully say the right thing to make a difference in 'mean kids' life. I pray for JP's broken heart and hurt feelings. I pray that he will come away from this 'mean kid' experience knowing it is better to be kind even when faced with such hatefullness. In Your precious Son's name I pray. AMEN.

OK I have prayed and also cleaned which has made me feel better. I witnessed what every mama hates to see. 2 kids purposely shunning another. I know sounds ridiculous....why would I be so upset over this. Well let me tell ya! 'Mean kid' turns other kids temporarily mean when they are with them. So we have 2 against one. The 2 did not want to play with my 1. Not a big deal, just use your words and say, "Sorry JP we don't want to play today" NO, instead as my son is trying to talk to them. Also let me remind you he is a visual talker...he wants to see your face. So he is trying to talk to them and they are walking fast from one house to the next, then they start to run, so he starts to run and then 'mean kid' SLAMS the door in Jp's FACE. That is right.

So now not only is my boy shunned he is also injured! I need strength and wisdom!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Something to remember....

Something I must remember is that when going to the FREE MOVIE, it is best to pair up with a friend. Have Gal A take kids and sit in theater while Gal B gets tickets for FREE MOVIE as well as any other tasty treats.

By doing this you avoid walking into a full theater with here A seat, there A seat, ll while wrangling kids, diaper bag FILLED with contraband and 2 trays of popcorn and drinks.

You also avoid being forced to take the only available seats which happen to be next to "OOH A SCARY MAN" (you must say that in a cute whispery yet husky 2 year old voice, of course just loud enough that the scary man hears you) In front of another older man and behind yet another older man. Did I mention that all 3 older men were hacking and coughing. Oh yea and I swear my seat smelled like vomit!

So now you avoid having to hold the 2 year old, the 6 year old can't see, and I can't focus on the movie because I am convinced i am sitting in vomit!

Luckily the movie was good and A sat still in my lap for majority of the movie...until she had to pee.

We are home now and now that this post is done, I must go burn my clothes!

Monday, June 18, 2007

10 Things to avoid....

1. Mondays at McDonalds...seriously I have never seen so many people crazy for free Iced coffee.
2. The bank on Fridays.
3. The post office on 15th of every quarter
4. The grocery store on the weekends...there is never any bread!
5. Grocery Shopping when you are hungry!
6. The Rec Plex when you see school buses.
7. 7pm movies at the theater...I totally do not remember being such a noisy rude teenager!
8. Car is just going to rain anyway. Can you remember the last FULL day it did not rain in this town?? What are living in Seattle now?
9. Picking up the house during the day...GIVE IT UP, wait till the kids go to bed!
10., drink, and be merry!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I'll have a tall iced half caf skinny Coke with extra fizz please!

It is 11:35 pm and I just popped the top on a refreshing Coca-Cola Classic.

Now seriously if I can order a half-caf coffee, why can't I buy a half-caf Coke? I just need a little boost to get me to the end of the night, but instead I will be able to get myself to tomorrow morning now!

I can just see it in a few years pulling up to McD's and saying, "I'll have a tall iced half caf skinny Coke with extra fizz please!"

In response the kind lady will say, "That'll be $42.50 please pull around."

Thursday, June 14, 2007

ok...I couldn't resist! Thursday 13


13 Tv shows I don't typically admit to watching.

So here goes: (In no particular order)

1. The O.C.
2. One Tree Hill
3. Gilmore Girls
4. Falcon Beach
5. 90210
6. Dawson's Creek
7. Summerland
8. Lincoln Heights
9. Wildfire
10. Friday Night Lights
11. October Road
12. What about Brian
13. Brother's & Sisters

Bonus Gotta Love
Grey's Anatomy

By the completely UNREALISTIC was last nights ONE TREE HILL. How many of us looked like Haley just 2 weeks after our babies were born! And not to mention the whole 6 week rule with the husbands! Hello writers please check your facts.

Check your crack...

I am forgoing the Thursday 13 for a more pressing matter. Today I found out that even HOT guys can have a plumber's crack issue.

Now one might think this would not be a bad thing on a HOT guy.


The plumber's crack is not so hot on anybody!

So ladies please remember this because along with this, the T-back is also not so attractive!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


A loud gigantic thud came from my basement this afternoon, followed by a few running footsteps and a somewhat muffled wail.

I was carrying laundry and thought, "Oh that couldn't be good"

Walking to the top of the stairs I see J standing in the middle of the bottom steps holding his face. Honestly first thought was "don't pull hands away and get blood on my light carpet"

I went in for a closer look. He had what appeared to be a rug burn on the cheek. Ok no bid deal. The teeth were still intact. We are good right, so we will go get a cool cloth to calm him.

After the cool cloth, the nose starts to bleed. So we ask him what did he hit. He said he hit the wall. THE WALL?! Are you sure? We thought he hit the stair. So I go down the stairs to replay the scenario.

2 six years olds running through the basement at 97 1/2 miles per hour. They lept over the weebles and around the pirates and started up the stairs when the MORE ATHLETIC one did not clear the corner and check his speed and SPLAT! Cheek hits the wall.

Sure enough he hit the wall. There is a slightly bloody slash dirty smudge splat on the only wall in the house that is WHITE!

Lucky for J his cheek only swelled for a bit and did not require stitches....THIS TIME.

Monday, June 11, 2007

wouldn't you wanna HONK too?

Janelle...don't laugh at me!

BUT...after reading Alana's post on B I had too jump in the car at 9pm to go check out this NO TRESPASSING sign. My first thought was I wanna drive past and HHHHHOOOOONNNNKKKKK. But I decided that since Janelle had already scared the babysitter, I had better not. It was also evident that the boys were I am not a stalker, just an observant neighbor :) Anyway...

After 3 times driving by I finally spotted a sign, but I couldn't read it. My terribly old eyes were failing me. So the good news is that in the dark ya can't see it. The bad news is I couldn't honk because I hated to disturb the boys and the sitter!

A woman like B you just can't help wanna pick at! Where is she from and remind me NEVER to vacation there!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Isn't it Ironic?

I am just about to call it a night, when I decided I would check the blogs quick. So with my dinner in lap (yes it is 10:30) I began to eat and read. I finished that and noticed the Aol headline "8 ways to flatten your tummy".

Oh that looks interesting, let me check that out.

So I click on it and just start reading when I busted out laughing.

You see my "dinner" was making my leg cold so I looked down to move it and I had to laugh because yes at 10:30pm I was eating ice cream with caramel sauce while reading the 8 ways to flatten my tummy!

Maybe ya had to be there, but it gave me a good laugh! Good night!

Big Mama what have you done to Supper Club?

Oh BIG MAMA what have you done to supper club? This great group of gals has become like little goofy seventh graders! Imagine back to junior high and see that group of girls by the lockers giggling, whispering, and finally shrieking when that one cute boy walks by. We all remember those days...some of us even married that cute boy :)

Now flash forward 12-20 years (depending on which of these girls ya are) Today I witnessed, not once, but twice that silly seventh grade giddiness! In the craziness of girlish shrieking, 10 children heads stopped to see the chaos...Yes even mommies get silly, kids!

What is even more crazy is that some of the husbands are in on it too! At what point does this blogging thing take over the mind and body and have complete control????

I am not sure, but my guess would be these silly gals would be more excited and FREAKING out if BIG MAMA came to town rather than OPRAH!!! Yes BIG MAMA you are right up there with OPRAH.

So BIG MAMA if you are ever in the Ozark Mountains, Supper Club is the first Friday of every month. We'll be sure to let you know if we are getting together with kids or without kids!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Day 4 many more days till school starts?

It is only day 4!

Is it wrong that I am thinking that? I cannot wait for school to start back up! And who's idea was it to NOT sign the boy up for summer school?! What were we thinking?

I enjoy being the mother of my 2 precious children, but I REALLY enjoy the 6 hour break and only parenting 1 child.

If you could be viewing my life like a tv program, I would guess that it looks very similar to the shows that show a drug addict trying to come clean. My son NEEDS the packed school day followed by some activity. He does not function well without it! I do not FUNCTION WELL without it!

This morning he had golf lessons bright and early. Thankfully he LOVED them and wanted to do golf camp in July. When I called and asked the times for it, the man said 1 week 8am to 1pm and in that instant light surrounded me and music began playing HALLELUAH!!! HALLELUAH!!! HALLELUAH HALLELUAH HALLE--LULU--UAH!!

Sign me up! Oh wait how much is it? What am I saying...who cares how much!

So then we get home and I call about some soccer camps. I ask the man the times...he says 6-730 for one week....ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! I need at least a 5 hour camp! Forget soccer camp.

So bottom line me everyday anyday to do something with me! My son needs stimulation! Ta Ta For Now!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Thank you for the whistle, Man hanging out of truck window!

Thank you for the whistle man hanging out of truck window...if only you knew that the lady you were whistling at was just desperately trying to rip open a jumbo box of diapers in the trunk of the car. While you may think so, i was truely not showing my rear end off. I was in fact frantically hanging almost upside down wrestling with the diapers because my Baby girl who had left the house at 8:30 am (it was now 3pm) was in desperate need of going potty! There was really no convenient potty (why doesn't the post office have a potty...afterall does the government not think we patrons might have to go pee pee from time to time--oh well another post) so I thought quick and pulled into the nearest parking lot, got a diaper and quickly began to put it on my daughter. She was shaking she was so terrified to wet her panties.

So i must say that if you are gonna whistle you better be prepared for what come along with the lady...a beautiful cinnamon sugared mouthed 2 year old and a strapping eat you out of house and home 6 year old!