Monday, June 18, 2007

10 Things to avoid....

1. Mondays at McDonalds...seriously I have never seen so many people crazy for free Iced coffee.
2. The bank on Fridays.
3. The post office on 15th of every quarter
4. The grocery store on the weekends...there is never any bread!
5. Grocery Shopping when you are hungry!
6. The Rec Plex when you see school buses.
7. 7pm movies at the theater...I totally do not remember being such a noisy rude teenager!
8. Car is just going to rain anyway. Can you remember the last FULL day it did not rain in this town?? What are living in Seattle now?
9. Picking up the house during the day...GIVE IT UP, wait till the kids go to bed!
10., drink, and be merry!


Celeste said...

I agree about picking up the house. There a days that I have been cleaning and doing laundry all day, and by the time Jamas comes home it looks just as bad as before, but it smells like windex

shelley said...

darn it! i was going to be one of those crazy people in line for a free iced coffee today! i forgot!

Alana said...

free iced coffee and noone told me??

Seriously, I'm at McDonald's ALL THE did I miss that????

Janelle said...

Raise the roof for free coffee. Sorry, Jen...I am "one of those people!"