Thursday, June 14, 2007

Check your crack...

I am forgoing the Thursday 13 for a more pressing matter. Today I found out that even HOT guys can have a plumber's crack issue.

Now one might think this would not be a bad thing on a HOT guy.


The plumber's crack is not so hot on anybody!

So ladies please remember this because along with this, the T-back is also not so attractive!


Janelle said...

Where have you been hanging out? I would venture to say that is something you probably didn't want to see!

Celeste said...

I call the T-back a "whale tail", next time you see one you'll laugh, heck it might even be mine! I have serious problems with my pants falling down when I bend over! When are high-waisted pants coming back in style?!!! Between my whale tail and muffin top I'm all over the place!

Alana said...

Oh dear!