Monday, June 4, 2007

Day 4 many more days till school starts?

It is only day 4!

Is it wrong that I am thinking that? I cannot wait for school to start back up! And who's idea was it to NOT sign the boy up for summer school?! What were we thinking?

I enjoy being the mother of my 2 precious children, but I REALLY enjoy the 6 hour break and only parenting 1 child.

If you could be viewing my life like a tv program, I would guess that it looks very similar to the shows that show a drug addict trying to come clean. My son NEEDS the packed school day followed by some activity. He does not function well without it! I do not FUNCTION WELL without it!

This morning he had golf lessons bright and early. Thankfully he LOVED them and wanted to do golf camp in July. When I called and asked the times for it, the man said 1 week 8am to 1pm and in that instant light surrounded me and music began playing HALLELUAH!!! HALLELUAH!!! HALLELUAH HALLELUAH HALLE--LULU--UAH!!

Sign me up! Oh wait how much is it? What am I saying...who cares how much!

So then we get home and I call about some soccer camps. I ask the man the times...he says 6-730 for one week....ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! I need at least a 5 hour camp! Forget soccer camp.

So bottom line me everyday anyday to do something with me! My son needs stimulation! Ta Ta For Now!


Celeste said...

That's too funny! I thought about taking the summer off from school, but then I realized that I'd have the kids 24/7 again, needless to say, I'm in summer classes! It's just so nice to have a break.

Alana said...

Now you know what my life has been like ALL year!

shelley said...

oh sweetie, i totally understand! when i realized that as soon as pre-school was over i would have all 3 kids all the time, i wanted to cry! but we're getting through it, and you will too! so far we've signed up for swimming lessons and swim camp, dance camp, t-ball, and gymnastics! not to mention all the great play dates we'll have with you!