Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Something to remember....

Something I must remember is that when going to the FREE MOVIE, it is best to pair up with a friend. Have Gal A take kids and sit in theater while Gal B gets tickets for FREE MOVIE as well as any other tasty treats.

By doing this you avoid walking into a full theater with here A seat, there A seat, ll while wrangling kids, diaper bag FILLED with contraband and 2 trays of popcorn and drinks.

You also avoid being forced to take the only available seats which happen to be next to "OOH A SCARY MAN" (you must say that in a cute whispery yet husky 2 year old voice, of course just loud enough that the scary man hears you) In front of another older man and behind yet another older man. Did I mention that all 3 older men were hacking and coughing. Oh yea and I swear my seat smelled like vomit!

So now you avoid having to hold the 2 year old, the 6 year old can't see, and I can't focus on the movie because I am convinced i am sitting in vomit!

Luckily the movie was good and A sat still in my lap for majority of the movie...until she had to pee.

We are home now and now that this post is done, I must go burn my clothes!


Alana said...

Sounds lovely, sorry I missed it!

Something happened with my email and I didn't get your email asking about the movie. I had a haircut so I wouldn't have been able to make it. I do want to go sometime, though!

Janelle said...

Sorry I wasn't there to sit next to you in the vomit chair. Maybe next time.

shelley said...

oh my! i didn't read the email until 9:40 that morning, otherwise, i probably would have been with you! my question is why were so many old men at the free KIDS movie? were they with children?