Tuesday, June 12, 2007


A loud gigantic thud came from my basement this afternoon, followed by a few running footsteps and a somewhat muffled wail.

I was carrying laundry and thought, "Oh that couldn't be good"

Walking to the top of the stairs I see J standing in the middle of the bottom steps holding his face. Honestly first thought was "don't pull hands away and get blood on my light carpet"

I went in for a closer look. He had what appeared to be a rug burn on the cheek. Ok no bid deal. The teeth were still intact. We are good right, so we will go get a cool cloth to calm him.

After the cool cloth, the nose starts to bleed. So we ask him what did he hit. He said he hit the wall. THE WALL?! Are you sure? We thought he hit the stair. So I go down the stairs to replay the scenario.

2 six years olds running through the basement at 97 1/2 miles per hour. They lept over the weebles and around the pirates and started up the stairs when the MORE ATHLETIC one did not clear the corner and check his speed and SPLAT! Cheek hits the wall.

Sure enough he hit the wall. There is a slightly bloody slash dirty smudge splat on the only wall in the house that is WHITE!

Lucky for J his cheek only swelled for a bit and did not require stitches....THIS TIME.


Alana said...

OUCH! Well, you know who to call for support when you do end up with stitches. You know it is inevitable.

Janelle said...

It is bound to happen! Sounds like they had fun!

shelley said...

oh, life with boys, i'm scared!