Friday, June 1, 2007

Thank you for the whistle, Man hanging out of truck window!

Thank you for the whistle man hanging out of truck window...if only you knew that the lady you were whistling at was just desperately trying to rip open a jumbo box of diapers in the trunk of the car. While you may think so, i was truely not showing my rear end off. I was in fact frantically hanging almost upside down wrestling with the diapers because my Baby girl who had left the house at 8:30 am (it was now 3pm) was in desperate need of going potty! There was really no convenient potty (why doesn't the post office have a potty...afterall does the government not think we patrons might have to go pee pee from time to time--oh well another post) so I thought quick and pulled into the nearest parking lot, got a diaper and quickly began to put it on my daughter. She was shaking she was so terrified to wet her panties.

So i must say that if you are gonna whistle you better be prepared for what come along with the lady...a beautiful cinnamon sugared mouthed 2 year old and a strapping eat you out of house and home 6 year old!


Janelle said...

Me...laughing hysterically!

shelley said...

hey, we take what we can get sometimes! seriously funny!