Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday 13

After I posted this morning I thought about other facts about myself all day.

13 other quirky facts about myself!

1. I do not iron...EVER.

2. If I do not eat breakfast...I literally forget to eat.

3. I do not like Pepsi! Coke..prefer fountain with a straw

4. I do not like to take a shower or a bath if it is already wet...I have to be first!

5. I love to play in the snow.

6. I do not make my bed.

7. Most of the time I do not fold the clothes out of the dryer right away.

8. I blog in my head all day long!

9. I love a good peanut butter sandwich...fancy wheat bread pb and strawberry jelly grilled

10. I love planning special birthdays for my kids

11. I won't eat fish.

12. In grade school my husband did not like me as a 'girl' just as one of the guys to play basketball with.

13. My childhood blankie has a permanent spot under my pillow.


Janelle said...

I want a grilled PBJ...that sounds great!

Alana said...

Try a mild fish like grouper, halibut, or orange roughy. They are mild and yummy like chicken!

michelle said...

I don't make our bed either...unless we are having company visit!

Celeste said...

I blog in my head all day long too! It gets me through some stressful and comical times.