Thursday, June 21, 2007

What was I thinking?

My name is JP's MOM and I have a shopping problem. I am physically unable to pass up a bargain. From this point I must have my husband do all the grocery shopping. He is great at making a list and sticking to it. I, on the otherhand, not so much! After stalling for 3 weeks, because I know I am TERRIBLE at it, I had to go. My kids needed healthy snacks. So I went, and $174 later i still have nothing for dinner. And that is AFTER saving $41.

13 things I should NOT have bought

1. 6 cans of pringles

2. 30 individual drinkable yogurts. Seriously 6 were drank before I finished unloading car!

3. 144 cans of soda...I don't know what overcame me. We only drink 2-3 a day tops! So we are set for the next 72 or so days!

4. Eggs...we already have 18
5. Brats...thought we didn't have any but we had 1 pack in fridge and 1 pack in freezer. Good thing I lOVE brats.
6. Little debbie snack cake....I really don't need the junk food.
7. strawberry wafer thingys--bribe for A
8. Juicy Fruit ---bribe for J
9. Star Lofthouse cookies...not as good as the circle ones. I know that sounds ridiculous but there is more frosting per square inch of cookie on the circle ones!
10. Cinnamon Roll Toaster Stuedel...who am I kidding these are not 'breakfast' they are a fancy snack!
11. Frozen Dinners...i love you voila, but really i should get off the blog and make my own dinner.
12. Prepackaged stick convenient yet so lazy and expensive
13. Milk...It is expensive and apparently I need to buy organic so my boy is not drinking female hormones?????


Janelle said...

I love it! I wish you could pass me some of those Little Debbies via cyberspace. I could use some junk in my house. :)

1st step in overcoming a problem is confession. See, you have already made progress. Pat yourself on the back and go eat some cereal...cuz I know you bought some!

michelle said...

You had me wanting some Little Debbies also! I wonder if they have nicotine in their ingredients or something. They are hard to resist. Do we need to do a shopping intervention? ;)

Alana said...

Just tell me the Peppermint ice cream from your pregnancy with Avery has finally found its way out of the freezer...

shelley said...

i think we just need to have a "pantry party" at your house! then we could all have some little debbies!