Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Man cannot live on ice cream alone.

It is summer.

I am so off schedule it is crazy. Maybe I shouldn't, but I put off housework and other things in order to spend endless amounts of time playing with my kids. I am a big kid.

You can bet that if it is light out and not raining I WILL be outside playing something with my kids and usually the neighbor kids.

We have painted 877 rocks.

We have had 482 bike races.

We have played 291 games of soccer.

We have played 153 games of Basketball.

We have drawn 97 chalk figures.

We have caught 64 creatures.

We have hit 41 golf balls.

We have played 28 games of garage door tennis.

We have made 14 trails in the woods.

We have built several forts.


I am easily distracted by the fun my kids want to have with ME. I hope they will always want to "play" with me. Anyway I digress, being easily distracted by playing outside means that we don't come in till 9pm. At that time the kids realize they are hungry, but only after I have sent them to bed. They wander back out and remind me "Ah mom we didn't eat dinner"


Quickly I feed them while Aaron closes up everything outside. By then I am tired from playing, feeding, and putting kids to bed. It is now 10 pm and my husband NEEDS food. He informed me last night that dinner is his staple meal and unlike me he cannot survive on ice cream.

What a would make life so easy.

So to my dear sweet husband, I am sorry I forget to prepare meals. I must learn how to cook for a month and freeze it all! I also must quit blogging, when I should be cooking.

Oh, like right now for instance. I am past hunger so i will just go to bed, works for you right honey?

Not so much.


Celeste said...

Playing with kids is so much better for them than having a clean room!

Alana said...

I'm such a loser! I don't play outside with my kids enough. I like to do things like read books, cuddle, and watch movies. Thankfully their Daddy takes them outdoors or they might never see the light of day.

Janelle said...

I love summer for that reason. Playing without a schedule is the best! Food intake has dramatically decreased around here, too.

michelle said...

Two little words would make your life so much easier and your husband's tummy happy.....Social Suppers! Thanks for sharing the excitement our kids must feel when we spend time playing with them!

shelley said...

Yeah, we be in need of some Social Suppers around here too!