Saturday, July 7, 2007


Literally I could smell my house from the driveway, when i arrived home today! Not a good sign.

My Fabulous husband had Kilzed the playroom. We knew their might be a slight odor, but YIKES! I had no idea that my children would now lose many brain cells due to the toxic smell.


I now have every fan available on my street blowing in my house. I am also baking cinnamon.

I will leave you with that.

The thought of Kilz HIGH odor paint cover upper (technical term) and lovely cinnamon baking.


yea...not so much


Alana said...


Celeste said...

We used Kilz paint for our place, consumer reports gave it great reviews, and it did great! What are you doing down there?

JP's MOM said...

AJ is getting a girly space within the playroom. Gpa is either building a castle or a little house. It will be pinks and purples...So we said goodbye to the primary color walls and hello to light taupe