Friday, July 6, 2007

why am i still up?

13 reasons i am still up

1. Just got home at 2 am from the giftshop
2. Must unwind from the coke I had an hour ago
3. I can't get enough bloggin
4. I still have to peek in on the kids and kiss em (yes i am bloggin first)
5. Must take contacts out
6. Thinking about eating some ice cream with chocolate sauce
7. have to lay out clothes for an early am
8. Must unpack swim bag from today
9. watching the rerun of the 10 o'clock news (bet you didn't know it replayed at 2 am)
10. Husband is snorring...I CANNOT sleep with snores --adult or child
11. Gotta check
12. Still have to turn lights off
13. I better brush teeth now after the ice cream ;)

Good night!


Alana said...

I don't think I quite made it to 2am, but there have definitely been days since this blogging thing started. I'm "tiwed" as Will would say.

shelley said...

oh yes, i have sacrificed sleep a few times to blog! way to be commited!

Celeste said...

I am "sacrificing" school time right now, and sacrificed sleep last night!