Friday, August 31, 2007

Good Morning!

Wouldn't it be great if when we woke up in the morning, we jumped out of bed with excitement and joy and skipped out of our bedroom!

I was sitting in the living room when I heard the joyous noise from AJ's room. She was so thrilled and happy as she came leaping and bounding from her bedroom.

If only we could all have such joy in the morning!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Frugal or Environmentally decide

This summer I chose to raise the temperature on our thermostat.

Now normally I keep the house at 73 degrees in the summer. I like it cold when I sleep so I can bundle with lots of blankets. If I am not sleeping then you know I am on the move...always. So cool to cold is perfect for our family.

When I heard the US Govt recommends we keep our thermostat at 78 degrees in the summer I thought, "are they crazy?" That just seemed TOO HOT! Apparently that 5 little degrees really makes a difference in the world.

So slowly I moved us to 78. It really is not too bad. If I do get warm I just go downstairs where it is ARCTIC and I play or clean there. The kids do not seem to be too bothered by the difference either.

This morning I went in to check on AJ and she was not in her bed. PANIC. She had not been in our bed...where is she? Lo and behold she was on the floor, sound asleep--ON THE AC VENT.

Poor thing. Apparently she is tolerant and resourceful because she had never complained to me about being hot!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Crying over spilt milk...

Forgive me for I am about to rant.

I was the stressed out mom that made a scene at Country Mart today. But it is ok, because I will NEVER step foot in that store or chain again. I am a consumer and I have OPTIONS. Cheaper options in fact. More organized options. Fresher options. Quality options. Non-expired options. Friendlier options.

Now I do not have an option for community cash, which is the primary reason I shopped there. Afterall I do want my son's class to win several of the pizza parties.

LIGHTBULB! I could just donate $1 for every $25 I spend in groceries to the school. And then at least when I am SUPPOSED to recieve $3 in community cash I will ACTUALLY receive it.

ANOTHER LIGHTBULB! When wise, smart 6 year old tells you to go to the grocery store BEFORE picking him up...LISTEN TO HIM! Seriously right after school I and the children are HIGHLY STRESSED.

THIRD LIGHTBULB! When very very wise 6 year old says, "Mom we should really just use our hands not a cart" LISTEN TO HIM!!! We only went for pudding for an experiment.

FOURTH LIGHTBULB! When extremely smart, observant, and helpful 6 year old says "mom I really think our milk is leaking" LISTEN TO HIM!!!! DO NOT LEAVE STORE WITHOUT THOROUGH INVESTIGATION!!!

Now our milk was NOT leaking when I put it in my cart...I watch for these things. I know you cannot shop Country Mart quickly. You must do the following on EVERY SINGLE ITEM:

-check for open package
-check expiration date (seriously you would be scared to know how much OLD stuff is on their shelf...clearly they missed the LIFO FIFO discussion in economics)
-look for labels on top of labels on meat
-check eggs
-bread ALWAYS has holes in hand all over package not get crusty milk or leaky or close in date
-check for MOLD--oh yes

When I put our milk on the conveyor belt I ASSUMED we were good to go. Apparently between the belt, scanning, and bagging a hole developed. JP pointed out puddle under the baggers feet. SERIOUSLY under her oblivious feet. So we were already paid, already said no to the help out and were walking away and I stopped. I took our milk out of the bags and they looked normal....Normal amount of moisture. No puddle in sack so I decided it must have been the cart. The bagger gave us a new cart when we were checking out. So off to the car we go.

It is HOT today. I load kids and then groceries into car and I am placing milk in last when SERIOUSLY if one of MY milks isn't SPEWING MILK all over the bag it is in. I'M MAD!

OK think. Groceries will not last in car. Kids cannot stay in car. I WILL NOT take groceries and kids ALL back out. Hmmmm...Pull in little load area and let JP take milk into incompetent bagger. Piece of Cake. That check out was within eyesight of the load area. This will work.

JP, what a good boy, goes in and explains to bagger he needs a new milk because this one is bad. A 6 year old. Do ya think she could just go grab a milk or get another person to go grab the milk no she sends the 6 year old to the service desk LINE. It gets flustered and comes running out.

So I went in and looked at the service desk LINE of 4-5 people. OH NO I AM NOT WAITING IN THAT. If I had to wait in that line I was seriously unloading the groceries and RETURNING THEM all $86. I looked at the line and looked at the bagger and firmly said, "You need to get me another Milk" She points to the service desk. "NO...I cannot wait in that line I have kids and groceries in the car. You NEED to get me another milk. It was not leaking until you bagged it."

With that she went off to get my milk, which I am almost afraid to drink because I am sure it is probably spoiled or tainted in some manner. At this point I walked to the doorway and stood waiting so I was within arm's reach of my car. A couple passerby's supported my effort except one old lady who hobbled past me and stated "you could have been nicer"

Now I am ready to cry.


Maybe my words were harsh and I will remember this situation because I am sure it will not be the last time I am faced with incompetence in the marketplace.

Oh how I cannot wait for the Supercenter to open...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Top of my birthday list!

Check out this amazing item and GIVEAWAY!

If I don't win, I am so asking for this for my birthday!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Sweet Warm Chocolate Homemade Goodness









Do not walk...RUN to the grocery store NOW!!!

RIGHT NOW, seriously!

You must get this Betty crocker complete desserts: Triple Chocolate Hot Fudge Cake

Serve it is amazing!

literally 5 minutes prep time and 30 minutes cook time, and then approxiamately 10 INCREDIBLE seconds to devour 1 lucious piece of Ooey Gooey Warm Chocolate drizzled sweet perfection of irresistable GOODNESS!

I will fall asleep tonight dreaming of this fantasy dessert!

It is you know where your kids are?

Mine are in bed.

That is right. It is Friday night at 7pm and my tots are almost fast asleep.

Aaron and I just slipped our fabulous dinner into the oven and are settling in for a movie on the couch. Aah I love school!

Dinner is biscuit pizza and hot chocolate cake for dessert. I will post recipes over at southern girlie girl home cookin' after my date!

Annoyance turned into Homemade Goodness

BLOGGER why won't you let me post any pictures?????

I h ave now tried 847 times since yesterday!

Don't you know it was my sweet boy's 1st day of 1st grade? This is a monumental event which requires photo posting!

Seriously, blogger, let me post them PLEASE!

Since I cannot post any pictures I will leave you in suspense and instead I will go clean my baking cabinet. Afterall when we are highly stressed, chocolate homemade goodness is always the answer!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Impressions aren't everything right?

Today was the BIG day.

The day we were to find out JP's 1st grade teacher.

We awoke with much aniticipation. To divert our attention we went to WW for a final splash in the wave pool. Much fun was had by all.

We raced home to change into presentable clothes. Then got some nourishment and back out we went.

Registration started at 2pm. We arrived at ten til. I could feel the panic setting in as the parking lot filled...where is my husband? Why is he not here yet? Panic...more panic.

Husband arrives at five til we go inside...MASSIVE LINE. But I am in the line and so I feel CALM, almost glossy eyed.

We went through the lunch line, the nurse line, the prove you live in city line, the turn in your green paper line, and then finally we approached the woman with the official news of our teacher.

let's see J******* *********

you have Ms. M

Instant relief. Wow we got a great teacher, I had heard great things about this gal.


Ok so we approach Ms. M's room. I see that there are 3 great buddies of JP's in the class. WOW...can this be?

A great teacher, a great drop off, great recess partners, and BUDDIES. Now this has happened to others we know, but not us! I was shocked! YEA!

So in shocked I can't even remember introducing myself to Ms. M. I didn't ask the q's I had. I also failed to take a pic of JP with Ms. M. Hopefully she won't think I was too lame. :)

Reality has hit...summer is over. OVER. My boy leaves me yet again in just a few short days. There is no more sleeping in AT ALL for 9 months!!!!

I feel relieved at the stress of the unknown, but sad at the end of a summer that was by far the fastest one yet!

Monday, August 20, 2007

3...2...1...fall is here!

In just 3 short days summer is over! Why am I bloggin' then? BECAUSE IT IS RAINING! Shouldn't it be illegal for there to be rain on thelast days of summer? Sidenote: why can't i use my enter key to jump down and separate my paragraph up. This is driving my CRAZY! Has this ever happened to any of you?

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Future Romance Novelist

Here is an excerpt on a book that AJ is writing.

Remember she is 3...

Page 3 of the untitled work of art reads:

"The princess is moving without the colors of her dress."

AJ had asked me to write that after she had drawn a princess. The princesses dress was not colored in so it was just an outline of a person. I asked her what her sentence meant and she said, "Whaell it means that she is a dancing naked nannie!"

I don't know whether to be worried or super proud at her 'deep' thinking!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

I paid myself to go out tonight!


Gymboree return-$76 2 outfits for AJ

Childrens Place return- $50 1 pair shoes and outfits for AJ

K Mart return - $45 2 outfits for AJ

VF Outlet return- $25 2 outfits for AJ

Childrens Place purchase $29 outfits for AJ and shirts for JP

Osh Gosh purchase-$4 4th of july dress for next year

K mart purchase not my money- $12 High school musical cd for my so hip 6 year old son

Country Mart purchase $140- groceries for 2-3 weeks

McDonalds purchase $2.50 - Mcflurry

Look on my face while driving in the mustang convertible while my hair was blowing and I was eating a tasty treat all with NO KIDS---PRICELESS!!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Recall Recall

I just finished checking out the recall list for mattel. If you haven't looked at go now....

Of course it affects several of our toys. So I filled out the form to begin the return process. If you return the bad products to them, they will send you a toy voucher for a new toy.

Sounds fair...right?


if you read the fine print it says: vouchers are accepted at most large retailers. And this is the real big one that irks me-- voucher will be valid o n any mattel toy for that value, BUT not a licensed toy!

NOW EXCUSE ME, but all the affected toys I have ARE licensed. If I am returning a DORA toy I WANT ANOTHER DORA TOY!!! Wouldn't you?

I am so not happy about this recall because now I have the entire castle set that Target so fabulously had on clearance. So I bought every piece that went with it for Ave's Christmas gift. Now I will not have any of the people that go with the castle and all its furniture. Should I return it or take the gamble that there will be some royal dora figures coming out soon? Hmmm.....?

Monday, August 13, 2007

Catchy Phrase

Ok so I have been really listening to conversation lately...not that I don't always listen, but anyway I digress...So I have decided that Absolutely is the new Not so much.

So today was a great day, not so much. Although I did get good news on my is healed and I am allowed to wear my contacts tomorrow. Does that make me happy?


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Little kids, Big names

AJ came home last night from JP's soccer camp and was very excited about having played with her buddies.

she said, "I had fun with Anderson Cooper"

Now we do know some 'stars' or otherwise known as possibly 'famous' people; however I really don't recall meeting Mr. 360. But apparently AJ did because she went on and on about how much fun she had swinging with him, chasing him, giggling with him, and more.

I bet Mr. Anderson Cooper didn't know he had an adorable 3 year old in his 'following'

Or maybe if was just the fact that she was playing with TWO cutie little boys. One named Anderson and one named Cooper!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Out of the mouths of Babes...

At soccer last night AJ turned around to the 3 people behind us and out of nowhere stated, "Keep the change, ya filthy aminal!"

Aaron immediately tried to explain why such a cute 3 year old would say such a statement. So let me tell ya!

JP has been watching Home Alone which he LOVES. He also has been quoting the movie ALL THE TIME! Thanks JP for teaching your sweet sister such a phrase!

Yea...not so much!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday 13

13 things we bought for "back to school"

1. crayons
2. pencils
3. big 'pink' erasers
4. safety scissors
5. white school glue
6. composition book
7. camo backpack with LOTs of pockets
8. lunch box to match the new back pack
9. no show socks..1 size too small because the boy is picky on his socks
10. sports shirts--a new favorite
11. sports shorts--he is so all about only sports clothes
12. shoes--white K Swiss, 2 sport athletic shoes...1 ties, 1 slips on My how his feet grow!
13. Abercrombie COLOGNE--this one made me laugh, but he insisted!

13 things I pray for "back to school"

1. I pray for AJ because I know it will be hard for her to say goodbye to her bub for half the day.
2. I pray for JP's teacher.
3. I pray for her to be the right person for him.
4. I pray that she is a christian with a kind heart.
5. I pray that she will see his strengths and weaknesses and know how to use them to make him grow.
6. I pray that he is surrounded by great kids. Kids that have kind hearts and great families.
7. I pray that if he is not with great kids that JP will be able to show them why it is 'cool' to be a 'great' kid.
8. I pray that he will be in the same wing as many of his friends.
9. I pray that he will have a great person to sit next to at lunch.
10. I pray that he will handle the little girl admirers in a kind way.
11. I pray that 1st grade is a great and memorable experience, the same way kindergarten was.
12. I pray that he will become more involved in class room discussion.
13. I pray that I can trust whole heartedly the path for my son has been chosen by the One who knows my son best.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Reason #42 NOT to FAUX CLEAN!

You are looking at what is left of AJ's "barbie" cake. I was not ready to discard it, but did not want it on the counter for her friend party. So in my genious thinking I placed the cake, which was on a PLASTIC spinning cake plate complete with chicago cutlery knife, on top of my precious very well seasoned round PC stone and then into -- yep you guessed it --the oven! The oven is the perfect place to hide things--right Janelle?! :)

Not so much!

Or rather note to self...remind husband you are faux cleaning prior to asking him to cook dinner so you can blog!

Pink frosting melted and bubbly in the oven is not so fun, when your house is already in turmoil from the said friend party.

Oh well, I think I will shoot some canned whipped topping in my mouth and deal with it all tomorrow!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

They are growing up TOO fast!

There is only so much one momma can handle in one week!

It is almost too much for your sweet baby girl to turn 3. That itself is quite emotional.

So when your 6 year old son tells you his tooth is loose, you pretend you didn't hear him because you know you can't handle your baby turning 3 and your other baby loosing a tooth. Afterall not long after this first tooth is lost, he will be having girls calling on the phone, and then choosing his friends over me, and then dating, and then before long I will be packing a car and taking him to college.

Seriously JP this momma can't handle all that comes with the first lost tooth...not this week...the week your baby sister turns 3. The week I no longer have a baby, but a little girl. The same week I also get your registration packet for 1st grade. When did you, JP, go from being my 3 year old birthday boy to a now 6 year old loosing his first tooth? Today I asked you to snuggle me after breakfast, and you asked why...this is why because each day that passes you grow bigger and more independent and I love that, but i also want to take every opportunity I have to snuggle you because someday I know I won't be able to sneak those moments. I love you buddy and once again I am proud of your bravery!

ok i have now tried 3 times to post a pic and i am having trouble...i will post one soon.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Music to my ears

The joyous chatter and laughter of five children is filling my home.

I love that!

Especially because I know where my kids are and what they are playing.

But why did it have to be today...less than 24 hours away from me hosting a tea party for 12 beautiful 3 year olds! I am in crunch time and unlike any other party I have ever done I am WAY behind...seriously!

Wish me luck as I follow behind this 5 pack and pick up the same toys I picked up 2 hours ago :)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Baby...

My sweet baby girl turned 3 today!
Oh how the time has past.
AJ you are a beautiful sweet little princess. You amaze me with your creativity and imagination. You surprise me with your spunky personality and never ending humor. I adore you love and enthusiam for books, you always have one tucked under your arm. I am so lucky to get a whole extra year with you before I have to share you with the real world.
Look out world, my girl is gonna ROCK!
Love you too much baby girl!

What I learned on my summer vacation...

This is where the music breaks out and starts singing, "you're so VAIN!"

This song is about me.

It is.

Through another lovely corneal abrasion my Father is trying to teach me a lesson in vanity. Only this time I am listening.

Therefore many of you who have not had the privilege of seeing me in my glasses, will become quite used to the new me. Until I can get my eyes figured out I will be sporting the new look. Please do not stare at me if you see me squinting, as these glasses are not my current prescription.

I am however, amazed at how fabulous it is to 'know' someone when you are travelling. I was fortunate enough to avoid the whole urgent care ordeal and instead was able to get into a fabulous opthamologist in St. Louis. I would almost consider making her my 'regular' eye doctor. Afterall a 4 hour drive isn't too bad...right?

I was able to avoid the whole eye patch ordeal and istead had to do LOTS of eye drops. have you ever had to do eye drops once every five minutes for 30 minutes while driving in rush hour traffic on a 6 lane highway with 2 very tired and incredibly hungry kids?????

Did i mention that I couldn't see and my left eye was dialated and EXTREMELY sensitive to the sun!

After receiving some rest and many eyedrops, I left my vanity behind and went out to enjoy our vacation with my very red and dialated eye...have you ever seen how funny that truly looks? Let me tell ya when you walk into PB kids they don't treat you the same!

Oh well, trip to the DR and eye problem aside, it was a great little vacation. But I am glad to be home!