Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First Impressions aren't everything right?

Today was the BIG day.

The day we were to find out JP's 1st grade teacher.

We awoke with much aniticipation. To divert our attention we went to WW for a final splash in the wave pool. Much fun was had by all.

We raced home to change into presentable clothes. Then got some nourishment and back out we went.

Registration started at 2pm. We arrived at ten til. I could feel the panic setting in as the parking lot filled...where is my husband? Why is he not here yet? Panic...more panic.

Husband arrives at five til we go inside...MASSIVE LINE. But I am in the line and so I feel CALM, almost glossy eyed.

We went through the lunch line, the nurse line, the prove you live in city line, the turn in your green paper line, and then finally we approached the woman with the official news of our teacher.

let's see J******* *********

you have Ms. M

Instant relief. Wow we got a great teacher, I had heard great things about this gal.


Ok so we approach Ms. M's room. I see that there are 3 great buddies of JP's in the class. WOW...can this be?

A great teacher, a great drop off, great recess partners, and BUDDIES. Now this has happened to others we know, but not us! I was shocked! YEA!

So in shocked I can't even remember introducing myself to Ms. M. I didn't ask the q's I had. I also failed to take a pic of JP with Ms. M. Hopefully she won't think I was too lame. :)

Reality has hit...summer is over. OVER. My boy leaves me yet again in just a few short days. There is no more sleeping in AT ALL for 9 months!!!!

I feel relieved at the stress of the unknown, but sad at the end of a summer that was by far the fastest one yet!


shelley said...

Whew, you had me scared by your title that you weren't happy with YOUR first impression of the teacher. Now I get it, your afraid YOU didn't make a good first impression! I'm caught up now. I'm so glad that your happy with everything! And I'm sure that you made a great impression, even if you didn't THINK you did!

Janelle said...

It will be a great year! Glad for the buddies. It makes a world of difference.

Alana said...

So happy that things worked out well for you guys!

michelle said...

Enjoy your first day! There will be lots of great photo opts through out the year!