Thursday, August 16, 2007

I paid myself to go out tonight!


Gymboree return-$76 2 outfits for AJ

Childrens Place return- $50 1 pair shoes and outfits for AJ

K Mart return - $45 2 outfits for AJ

VF Outlet return- $25 2 outfits for AJ

Childrens Place purchase $29 outfits for AJ and shirts for JP

Osh Gosh purchase-$4 4th of july dress for next year

K mart purchase not my money- $12 High school musical cd for my so hip 6 year old son

Country Mart purchase $140- groceries for 2-3 weeks

McDonalds purchase $2.50 - Mcflurry

Look on my face while driving in the mustang convertible while my hair was blowing and I was eating a tasty treat all with NO KIDS---PRICELESS!!!!


Alana said...

Sounds like a great night to me! Glad you enjoyed it!

Janelle said...

Whew...that's a whole lot of returns. Sounds like a fun night off.