Saturday, August 11, 2007

Little kids, Big names

AJ came home last night from JP's soccer camp and was very excited about having played with her buddies.

she said, "I had fun with Anderson Cooper"

Now we do know some 'stars' or otherwise known as possibly 'famous' people; however I really don't recall meeting Mr. 360. But apparently AJ did because she went on and on about how much fun she had swinging with him, chasing him, giggling with him, and more.

I bet Mr. Anderson Cooper didn't know he had an adorable 3 year old in his 'following'

Or maybe if was just the fact that she was playing with TWO cutie little boys. One named Anderson and one named Cooper!


Alana said...

Well, atleast if she is playing with Anderson Cooper she'll be up on current events!

Now, I know who to ask the next time I need an update on our world!

Janelle said... me a dork. I have no idea who Anderson Cooper is.

shelley said...

Anderson Cooper is a news personality on CNN. He's rather good looking (I think) and has quite a following. I don't watch CNN, but I do watch Oprah, and he was on there talking about his show 360 degrees. Adorable, Jen, I love it when they mix things up and it comes out so cute!

Anonymous said...

How cute! That is really funny. By the way, thanks for visiting my blog!