Monday, August 6, 2007

Music to my ears

The joyous chatter and laughter of five children is filling my home.

I love that!

Especially because I know where my kids are and what they are playing.

But why did it have to be today...less than 24 hours away from me hosting a tea party for 12 beautiful 3 year olds! I am in crunch time and unlike any other party I have ever done I am WAY behind...seriously!

Wish me luck as I follow behind this 5 pack and pick up the same toys I picked up 2 hours ago :)


Celeste said...

Elle is so excited about tomorrow!

Janelle said...

Can't wait to celebrate the birthday girl!

Alana said...

My favorite part about having other kiddos over is that I can use it as an excuse to let everything else go and just enjoy the kids!

You're in the homestretch with the party!