Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Reason #42 NOT to FAUX CLEAN!

You are looking at what is left of AJ's "barbie" cake. I was not ready to discard it, but did not want it on the counter for her friend party. So in my genious thinking I placed the cake, which was on a PLASTIC spinning cake plate complete with chicago cutlery knife, on top of my precious very well seasoned round PC stone and then into -- yep you guessed it --the oven! The oven is the perfect place to hide things--right Janelle?! :)

Not so much!

Or rather note to self...remind husband you are faux cleaning prior to asking him to cook dinner so you can blog!

Pink frosting melted and bubbly in the oven is not so fun, when your house is already in turmoil from the said friend party.

Oh well, I think I will shoot some canned whipped topping in my mouth and deal with it all tomorrow!


Alana said...

You could also pick some of those sprinkles out of the carpet!

Janelle said...

OH NO! NOT good.

Self medicating with whipped cream will do the trick.