Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Recall Recall

I just finished checking out the recall list for mattel. If you haven't looked at go now....

Of course it affects several of our toys. So I filled out the form to begin the return process. If you return the bad products to them, they will send you a toy voucher for a new toy.

Sounds fair...right?


if you read the fine print it says: vouchers are accepted at most large retailers. And this is the real big one that irks me-- voucher will be valid o n any mattel toy for that value, BUT not a licensed toy!

NOW EXCUSE ME, but all the affected toys I have ARE licensed. If I am returning a DORA toy I WANT ANOTHER DORA TOY!!! Wouldn't you?

I am so not happy about this recall because now I have the entire castle set that Target so fabulously had on clearance. So I bought every piece that went with it for Ave's Christmas gift. Now I will not have any of the people that go with the castle and all its furniture. Should I return it or take the gamble that there will be some royal dora figures coming out soon? Hmmm.....?


Alana said...

Thanks for the info, Jen. It kind of makes me wonder if those toys were on clearance for a reason?

Anonymous said...

I need to check this out! Thanks for the tip!

Celeste said...

I would go for a China free Christmas!!

michelle said...

Thanks Jen!