Tuesday, August 7, 2007

They are growing up TOO fast!

There is only so much one momma can handle in one week!

It is almost too much for your sweet baby girl to turn 3. That itself is quite emotional.

So when your 6 year old son tells you his tooth is loose, you pretend you didn't hear him because you know you can't handle your baby turning 3 and your other baby loosing a tooth. Afterall not long after this first tooth is lost, he will be having girls calling on the phone, and then choosing his friends over me, and then dating, and then before long I will be packing a car and taking him to college.

Seriously JP this momma can't handle all that comes with the first lost tooth...not this week...the week your baby sister turns 3. The week I no longer have a baby, but a little girl. The same week I also get your registration packet for 1st grade. When did you, JP, go from being my 3 year old birthday boy to a now 6 year old loosing his first tooth? Today I asked you to snuggle me after breakfast, and you asked why...this is why because each day that passes you grow bigger and more independent and I love that, but i also want to take every opportunity I have to snuggle you because someday I know I won't be able to sneak those moments. I love you buddy and once again I am proud of your bravery!

ok i have now tried 3 times to post a pic and i am having trouble...i will post one soon.


Alana said...

I had a moment with the loose tooth thing, too.

I'm not sure why that is such a monumental moment, but it sure felt like one!

Janelle said...

Snuggle times are getting more rare. UGH! I just want to freeze this stage and not let the kids get older.

I can't wait to see pictures of AJ's tea party. Seriously, a cute afternoon. Lots of pretty children in the same room. Melt my heart!

michelle said...

My heart goes out to you. I've been having mommy growing pains also.

AJ's tea party was adorable! She was so sweet to watch spending time with her friends!

dawn said...

It is hard to watch them grow, but I tell you as the mom of a nine year old, I have loved each and every stage. Nine is really great. So was six. I really loved four. Five was fun. Seven was neat too. Eight was equally cool.

Now ten...I am not sure what ten will be like. Double digits...Oh my...I am sure it will be amazing as well.

Just keep having babies like me and then you will have one in each phase of life...