Sunday, August 5, 2007

What I learned on my summer vacation...

This is where the music breaks out and starts singing, "you're so VAIN!"

This song is about me.

It is.

Through another lovely corneal abrasion my Father is trying to teach me a lesson in vanity. Only this time I am listening.

Therefore many of you who have not had the privilege of seeing me in my glasses, will become quite used to the new me. Until I can get my eyes figured out I will be sporting the new look. Please do not stare at me if you see me squinting, as these glasses are not my current prescription.

I am however, amazed at how fabulous it is to 'know' someone when you are travelling. I was fortunate enough to avoid the whole urgent care ordeal and instead was able to get into a fabulous opthamologist in St. Louis. I would almost consider making her my 'regular' eye doctor. Afterall a 4 hour drive isn't too bad...right?

I was able to avoid the whole eye patch ordeal and istead had to do LOTS of eye drops. have you ever had to do eye drops once every five minutes for 30 minutes while driving in rush hour traffic on a 6 lane highway with 2 very tired and incredibly hungry kids?????

Did i mention that I couldn't see and my left eye was dialated and EXTREMELY sensitive to the sun!

After receiving some rest and many eyedrops, I left my vanity behind and went out to enjoy our vacation with my very red and dialated eye...have you ever seen how funny that truly looks? Let me tell ya when you walk into PB kids they don't treat you the same!

Oh well, trip to the DR and eye problem aside, it was a great little vacation. But I am glad to be home!


Alana said...

Glad you are home...missed you!

Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Janelle said...

So sorry about your eye. That is awful!

shelley said...

dont' ya just love how all the "crazy" stuff happens when your on vacation! I saw you this morning in your glasses and I think you look cute in them! You can definately pull them off!