Monday, September 24, 2007


100th Post! I seriously cannot believe I am here. So in keeping with tradition here ae 100 things you may or may not know about me!

1. I have my 10 year highschool class reunion in 2 weeks.

2. My first grade son has the same gym teacher my husband and I had in grade school.

3. I married my 3rd grade crush.

4. He only like me as "one of the guys" in third grade.

5. That is why I tell my son to treat ALL the girls with just might marry one some day!

6. Our first date was actually in Dallas.

7. I was rear-ended TWICE that night...on the same road...30 minutes apart!

8. We saw Titanic at The Grand, the largest movie theater I had ever been too!

9. Our second date was not for another 10 months!

10. We only dated 7 months when Aaron proposed to me.

11. We were married 11 months after our 2nd date.

12. It has been pure happiness since!

13. Toda I have a sore throat.

14. I don't like to be sick.

15. My son is a germophobe.

16. He loves germ-x and clorox wipes.

17. He does not like airborne jr.

18. Neither do I.

19. I was in track in high school.

20. I was not a runner, although now I love running.

21. I never run now because I don't have time, but I love it.

22. I was a thrower. As in shot put and discus.

23. I was the smallest thrower.

24. I won many times, it is easy to pysch out a bigger girl who thinks throwing is about mass and strength.

25. Throwing is not about mass and strength. IT IS ABOUT TECHNIQUE.

26. I was once hit in the neck with a discus.

27. I only chipped one tooth, cut my lip, and sprained my neck.

28. I should have not walked away with as few of injuries!

29. I had an eating problem my senior year in high school and freshman year in college.

30. The problem was I did not eat.

31. I LOVE food.

32. My favorite is anything with red sauce.

33. Ice cream is a weakness.

34. I believe ice cream is an important part of a diet!

35. Milk does a body good.

36. I only like skim milk, I cannot even attempt to swallow anything else.

37. I almost always burn the top of my mouth everytime I eat pizza.

38. Then it hurts for several days and I can't enjoy other foods.

39. I had the best dog in the world growing up.

40. Her name was Heidi.

41. She was a springer spaniel half brittnay.

42. She died while at the kennel, while my family took our first ever family vacation.

43. No dog could ever live up to her.

44. Therefore we do not have a dog.

45. We do have 2 bunnies, Sparkles and Dottie.

46. I HATE bunnies.

47. I love to take pictures.

48. I have over 2000 pictures of JP in his first year.

49. I actually thought of making a fireproof vault like room in our basement, just for my photos.

50. It is possible I may have more photos of some of my readers children than they do.

51. At highschool graduation it is quite possible after receiveing the diploma..."the boys" will look up and smile for Miss Jen. :)

52. I would love to someday be a paid and published photographer.

53. I just got a great football action photo of JP... with his tongue hanging out!

54. I love scrapbooking.

55. I have not had time to scrapbook in almost a year!

56. I think maybe I should say I am a scrapbook supply collector!

57. I have a whole room dedicated to scrapbooking.

58. When I was a kid I wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, and the first female president.

59. I was serious about it. My dad and I would sit in the back yard for hours talking about it.

60. I went to Baylor for college. Sic em bears!

61. My first semester was a real life experience.

62. I took 17 very hard hours.

63. I ran for student senate, serving on Student Congress.

64. I was the treasurer of my dorm and part of the Residence Hall Asscociation.

65. I joined Baylor Line whose sole purpose was to razz the opponents at the football games. "That's allright...That's OK...You're gonna WORK for US someday" I may have shouted that while losing to U of Miami.

66. I was part of the people who torn down the goal post when we beat Texas Tech.

67. It made ESPN.

68. The goal post was carried from the stadium all the way to President Sloan's house.

69. Baptist schools KNOW how to party.

70. My gpa suffered immensely from my over involvment in school and all things frat party.

71. I blew my walk on chance on the track team because of my lack of studying.

72. Second semester was awesome...I lightened my load, took realistic classes (seriously what was I thinking taking JAPANESE), and had zero activities.

73. I would have made dean's list second semester.

74. I ran the "Bear Trail" every single day my second semester!

75. I also Tanned every day the last 2 months of school. I was seriously disgustingly DARK.

76. I love talking to my friend Shelley on the phone.

77. I am talking to her now.

78. We can talk about nothing at all, but it is fun!

79. I ignored my daughter last night when she came in saying she 'throwed' up. I waited to breathe till Daddy got up.

80. She did not throw up, she just gagged from coughing.

81. I am a kid at heart.

82. I love playing sports with my kids.

83. I love playing little peoples.

84. I still have my little peoples from when I was a kid. They are so not child proof!

85. My favorite cartoon movie is Toy Story.

86. I love the movie Home Alone.

87. AJ recently told a complete stranger to " Keep th change ya filthy aminal"

88. I have been working in the same shop for 20 years!

89. My children will grow up working it too.

90. AJ likes to scan items and give receipts and say "have a nice day".

91. I had a Michael Jackson record player growing up.

92. I got my first tv when I was 6. It is Black and white 13 inch and I still have it!

93. I loved rainbow brite, strawberry shortcake, and cabbage patches.

94. I still have all my cabbage patches--all 20 something of them! I always got 1 for Christmas. Even as a teenager!

95. WHen I found out I was having a girl I went out and bought a cabbage patch for AJ.

96. It stresses me when AJ takes the clothes off MY cabbage patch dolls!

97. I loved barbies and played them until i was OLD.

98. Babies too...actually I can remember playing Babies with my sister and pretending I was married to Aaron!

99. I love my husband...he is a great dad and husband!

100. My kids rock!


Anonymous said...

I still have my cabbage patch, but I only have one. I do have a Koosa though. I wish I had a fireproof vault for my photos! I have often thought that if my house was on fire, I would first get my kids...then my pics!

Congrats on your 100th! I enjoyed reading it!

Alana said...

Great post!

I learned a lot I didn't know about you!


Janelle said...

Very fun! You should look in to the photography thing. You are good at catching the action shots. You have a good eye for it.

Great list!

shelley said...

Yeah! You made it! And I love talking on the phone with you too! I also love cabbage patch, strawberry shortcake,and rainbow brite! And Hello Kitty too! Oh the memories they bring back! And I played with my barbies in highschool! I would try out new hairstyles on them! Great list Jen! And I loved all the pics leading up to it!