Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Better late than never

She was excited!
She was FIRED UP!
She had the pep talk from mom.
She had the pep talk from Bub.
She got the thumbs up from Coach Daddy.
She giggled through warm-ups.
She went to the porta potty.
She freaked out and ran from the porta potty.
She went back to her team.
Game started and she was....not playing.
Nope not gonna do it.
Fully willing to lose the privelege of tv and gummy snacks.
Gummy snacks I tell ya!
I kept asking, "are ya ready to go in...games almost over"
"if you don't change you attitude and find your happy heart you will lose those 2 priveleges"
She was fine with that.
Then literally the last 2 minutes of the game she decided to go if "coach bub" went too.
So she did it. Played 2 minutes and had fun.
Needless to say she is not asleep yet because although I left the tv in her room, since she did not play as much as the coaches and her team needed her too, she did lose her privelege of tv for the night.


Alana said...

Love the pic!

So glad she finally joined in! It was a fun night!

Janelle said...

It's times like tonight that we are reminded that kids have a mind of their own. We can't predict behavior. Glad she had a change of heart!

Celeste said...

CUTE! We need to come to a game sometime!

shelley said...

Well...At least she looked CUTE!

michelle said...

We had the same troubles with Elaina! I feel for you!