Thursday, September 20, 2007

Caution: Tears may form.

Today was a glorious day filled with love.

The love of nature and all things fall.

The love of sunshine.

The love of little kids and laughter in my home.

The love of my friends.

The love of hammy thingys...recipe soon to follow.

The love of picking up my smiling boy from school.

And the love and compassion of a boy for his friends.

Today JP was at recess when he heard somone crying. From across the playground he looked up and saw one of his good buddies. Baron had fallen HARD on the playground, face first. JP did not even hesitate he ran over to where Baron was hobbling to a teacher. JP announced to his teacher Baron is MY friend. So Ms. M asked JP to take Baron to the nurses office where he stayed with his good buddy until another teacher came after JP and asked him to return to his class. He spent his whole recess with his hurt friend. A friend he has known since they were 1. A friend he does not ALWAYS play with on the playground, but when that friend needed him, he was there. No questions asked.
Immediately upon getting in the car JP needed to call Baron and make sure he was ok. So he made his first kid to kid call and sure enough his buddy, who is bandaged up, sounded great and was feeling better.

I love my boy.

I love those close kids he has been friends with for years.

I love those close kids' mommies and daddies!

We all have GREAT KIDS!!!


Alana said...

That is what I am hoping and praying for these kiddos. That they will be there for each other! I'm glad JP was there for Bear.

Thanks for the duds today. And the hammy thingys!

Janelle said...

That is an awesome story! Good job, JP. I hope Bear is OK.

shelley said...

I hated to miss today, but I hope y'all had a great time! And way to go, JP! How awesome of him to be there for Baron!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet son! I hope my son would do the same. Giving up his recess was truly a sacrifice, but he obviously made it very willingly!