Thursday, September 13, 2007

Driving along in my automobile...

You know those events in your life that are so funny and great that one day you are driving along and out of nowhere you start laughing?

Today I was doing just that...driving along on an unusually long ride home from school due to a road block, when I began giggling like a school girl.

I was remembering a great road trip a few years back. 3 moms and 3 big kid boys travelled a few hours over to the Natural State to visit a dear friend and her boys for her big boy's 4th birthday. We had great conversations and the boys had lots of wrestling time. At the birthday we were all standing around watching all the kids do a 'bug hunt' while one of the mom's was videotaping all the chaos.

One of the moms sighed and said, "Isn't P just adorable?"

There was a pause of confusion and then an immediate "Oh Oh I mean R. I mean R."

Immediate laughter was bellowing from all the gals within ear shot.

Ya see. P is our friends HUSBAND. R was the sweet adorable 2 year old!

I giggle at the thought of that funny story everytime I hear it!


Alana said...

You forgot that I was actually pointing the camera at P when she said it...even though she was looking at R. Very funny moment!!

shelley said...

Yes, that's a classic. I bet we're still telling that one when we're 60!

Janelle said...

Yup, that one is a moment for all eternity. I can't think of them without remembering that. And they have it all on video.

Janelle said...
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