Tuesday, September 11, 2007

If your happy and you know it clap your hands!


Today was one of those days you only read about in fairy tales. Well of course there was the crazy hiccups before the grand happily ever after ending.

Once upon a time there was a fair maiden who had to rise at the crack of dawn to prepare the younng prince for 1st grade. Teeth were brushed, woot was checked, hair was styled, blogs were checked, breakfast was fed, emails were checked, lunch was packed, blogs were checked again, and finally the young prince was escorted to the family carriage by the strapping handsome ever so kind King of our household.

Alas the fair maiden was alone to check more blogs. After checking more emails the maiden decided she better clean the house a smidge more, so she cleaned and straightened and tidy the house until the 8 o clock hour. After a royal bathing she stepped forth into her oh not so giant closet and pondered what to wear. Pondering, however, was not working for here so she began choosing outfits. 4 outfits later a perfect one was chosen, afterall the fair maiden could not go to the first MOPS meeting of the year without looking SPECTACULAR.

The princess was awakened by the sweet kiss of the maiden and a SMASHINGLY Stylin' outfit was chosen. Cereal was poured and hair was fixed and at 9pm the carriage was ready to leave. "Oh where oh where for art my keys? Are they nary a here or nary a there? I cannot find my keys" the maiden shrieked at the king via messenger.

Alas the keys were found for the horse drawn carriage, they simply were down the valley 2 castles over on someone elses counter.

A marvelous time was had by the maiden at the MOPS meeting. The princess attended childcare! victory! Victory! The maiden ate delightful foods and engaged in fabulous conversations AND she held a 12 day old baby princess. The maiden now so desires yet another child now. Creativity was shown through a fun and easy craft. At half past 11, the maiden gathered the princess and headed for the village marketplace.

It was highly necessary to return some hiteous ultra low rise jeans that would have only pleased the King and no one else. After the delightful shopping extravaganza the maiden and the princess retired to their castle for a delightful lunch of cheezits and granola bar all the while the princess threw a fit. It was the desire of the princess to wear very thick pajamas for the rest of the day, so a large temper was thrown. Into the carriage they went temper in check, to fetch the handsome young prince.

Upon fetching the boy, the maiden picked up the Prince's best friend. Although the carriage was LOUD because princess was now pitching fit number 2 over needing a FULL bottle of water, the chatter of princes was heard.

"I think I must be the hottest boy in school. There is a girl that wants to kiss me and hug me." The maiden gasped so as for the princes to not hear.

Prince Z "did you run"

Prince J "oh yeah"

Prince Z "thats good"

Prince J "yea that is what Gat taught me"

Shew wee the maiden wiped the sweat from her brow (yes even maidens sweat). The maiden did wonder where in this kingdom did the prince hear "hottest boy in school" Must of been the princess after him.

Upon reaching the castle, the princess retired to her room with a FULL bottle of water and the princes retreated to the dungeon for manly games. The maiden escaped to check her blogs, which aah hem have been a bit dry lately! Upon checking here, the maiden shrieked with great joy as if she had just won the kingdom lotto for a whole cow! THANK YOU BOOMAMA!

All the while the heavens had parted and the sky was glorious for the whole entire day. A gorgeous day with magnificent temperature, the first real fall day. The maiden must call on the pheasant boys to fetch her some cornstalks and hay bales. Fall decor is a must in a castle.

The day was complete with a trip cross the kingdom for a grand game of biddy soccer. The princess did fabulous until she was checked in the head with the ball HARD. After the coaches and um aah hem a few parents stopped laughing the sweet princess was consoled and the carriage was loaded to head to the castle.

The princess and prince were fast asleep and the maiden was typing with speed with the magnificent and handsome King prepared the feast for such a HAPPY HAPPY maiden.



Celeste said...

Princess A did great! She and Elle were moved up to the next room, which is much calmer, and way less smelly!

Teresa said...

Jen, that was great! I'm glad you had a glorious day! Congrats on the MOPS victory with A!!!!!

Alana said...

Cute post!

Congrats on the purse!

michelle said...

You are a hoot! I loved your story! How creative! Sorry for contributing to the blogging drought! I hope to blog soon!