Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I saw this MEME over at www.baseballsandbows.blogspot.com

Accent- Hmm? Hick? No seriously I would say southern, however, I do have some Yankee still in me.

Drink- Coke... one a day I can subsitute a Barq's though if i must.

Chore I Hate- do I have to pick just one??? My fabulous husband takes care of the ones I hate--dishes, toilets and tubs, and the bunnies.

Pets- I love dogs, but we don't have a dog...we have BUNNIES. Do not get bunnies! We also have fish.

Essential Electronics- I literally do not remember life before TIVO...oh wait yea I do it is that MOUND of UNLABELED VHS tapes in my basement!

Perfume- don't typically wear any, but if i do i guess it would be abercrombie womens, because that is what is left from my single days!

Gold or Silver- I used to say Gold hands down, but silver does look gorgeous on me!

Insomnia- I can sleep at the drop of the hat...except last night when I woke at midnight and couldn't fall asleep...thankfully there was a HOME IMPROVEMENT marathon on Nick at Nite!

Job Title- gymnastics instructor, assistant manager at giftshop, Stay in the car Mom!

Most Admired Trait- Hmmm...? well since most often I am left doing fun things with the kids WITHOUT our friends I would say it is my ability to GO GO GO GO!!! I am always willing to put the house cleaning and laundry on hold to go do stuff with my kids!

Kids- Son 6 daughter 3

Phobia- ALL reptiles!

Religion- Christian

siblings- 1 younger sister

Time I wake up- 6 am, JP is out the door at ten til 7

Unusual Talent or Skill- I can throw a shot put or a discus

Vegetable- CORN

Worst Habit- worrying what other people think

X rays- dental, neck -from a discus to the neck injury, ultrasounds-3

Favorite Meal- Oh there are so many! Anything with italian red sauce, but I do so love chips and salsa at chili's

Play if ya want to!


Carissa said...

i'm gonna do it. thanks for the idea!

Alana said...

Fun Meme!

I'm with you on the Coke and the Tivo in particular!

shelley said...

Good One! I'll try and do it tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Glad you played along. I love Tivo as well. What a great convenience! It changed how I watch tv!

Janelle said...

I would say your accent is Chicago.

Fun list.