Sunday, September 9, 2007

My Favorite Jeans

Thank you oh 'closet gods'. You are ever so kind as to keep me jeans from shrinking over the past 5 months.

I was not so excited to drag out my favorite jeans from summer storage, but it was necessary. I have been dreading the very day I would have to do that.

So last night as I prepared for a 'hot date' with my husband, I dug through the closet to find said pair of jeans. As I unfolded them I said a little words of hope. Slowly and wishfully I pulled the jeans up, only to have them SLIDE ON WITH EASE!!! THANK YOU OH CLOSET GODS!

I was even able to enjoy a ridiculously large dinner and still have plenty of room in my jeans! Whoo hoo!!

I enjoyed my jeans through my whole date which lasted until the ripe ole hour of 7:30pm! We seriously returned home to a kidless house that early. WE ARE SO BORING!

Next time we are kidless I am so calling one you for a double date!!


Janelle said...

Date nights are so important whenever you can squeeze them in.

Glad you didn't have to SQUEEZE into the jeans!

Alana said...

Can you give me the number to your closet gods?