Friday, September 7, 2007

Out of the Mouths of the Babe and the Hunk

This week we ventured to Picture People to catch a quick 3 year pic of AJ. We had the first appointment of the day and we were waiting in the quiet lobby when a lady wheeled in her stroller. I thought it was a double stroller, but actually it was a triple stroller.

Now it is not often you see a triple stroller. In the stroller were 3 cute babies. One boy and two girls. I asked the mom how old they were...10 months. So cute.

So we stood in silence just smiling at the babies when AJ looked up at me and then to the lady and said, "Mommy why does that nice lady have 100 babies?"

At least she was polite enough to say NICE lady, right?

So that afternoon we picked up JP from school and told him we saw triplets at the mall.

"Wow! What kind were they?" he said.

"1 brother and 2 sisters"


"But what kind were they?"

"I told you boy and 2 girls"

"No I mean what animal creature were they?"

WHAT?! "They were HUMAN son!"

"Oh I thought since there were 3 it was an animal litter."

Only my kids would think that lady with the triplets had 100 wolf cubs.


Anonymous said...

That is so funny!

Alana said...

Very funny. I like that she said nice lady ;-)

Janelle said...


shelley said...

Too Cute!!! I'd imagine that the nice lady sometimes feels like she does have 100 babies!