Saturday, September 29, 2007


I am so thankful for the ability of my Father to show me how blessed I truly am.
It amazes me.
I am so blessed to be surrounded by family, friends, and comfort.

Recently I may have been slightly bitten by the "green eyed monster". What I mean by slightly is that I spent an evening in a bit of a fog because I was left thinking about my house. I had recently seen an AMAZING home with INCREDIBLE decor and after that I retreated to my home and was just like "oh" instead of "aah".

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my house. It is perfect for our family. We could live in it forever, but it is not my dream home. I have always been content with always having something to "look forward to" or "dream about". My philosophy has always been ---if you have everything now, you have nothing to dream about and work towards.

I am a big believer in goals and dreams, but lately I have just been in a "funk".

TODAY I was relieved of my funk as I witnessed someone dealing with something very hard and potentially life changing. And it was all things I never even have to think twice about or worry about.

I feel so ashamed for even feeling the slightest bit green eyed.

So this evening I will spend cleaning my beautiful palace, playing with my family, and thanking God for everything He has provided for us.


Anonymous said...

It is so easy to fall into that trap! But counting your blessings is certainly one way to get out of it!

Janelle said...

Great life lesson! Contentment.

shelley said...

We all fall into that trap sometimes, it's good to be reminded of how blessed we are!

Celeste said...

Live in a two bedroom condo with two kids, no garage, and a hill to hike every time you need to go somewhere, and I think you'd REALLY appreciate your house!

Alana said...

Yes, the grass is always greener syndrome. Very common, but a trap for sure.