Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sing Up

Some of you have probably seen people singing in their cars and thought, "My word they look silly!"

BUT have you ever thought of it this way...

My Nana once told me, "I love seeing people singing out loud while their driving. They are always so happy. It makes me smile when I see them."

She is right. I have never seen someone singing in their car that wasn't smiling. Ever since that conversation I have enjoyed smiling when I see someone singing and I have not been afraid to belt out a few tunes myself!

AJ is following in my footsteps by singing "hawewwuah Jesus, hawewwuah Jesus, You are God."

That is HER version of Monk & Neagle!

So sing up ladies and spread the cheer!


shelley said...

Amen Sister! Ellie and I were just singing in the car on the way home from dance tonight!!! How Fun!

Anonymous said...

I dated someone in high school for two years who always hated me to sing in the car. Later, as an adult, he apologized to me! He told me that he now sings in the car as well, and he realized it was a sign of my happy spirit!