Monday, September 10, 2007

The Skinny On Cracking Style...pun intended!

You know me I cannot pass up a sale.

With that said i actually dragged my poor husband to Old Navy on Saturday night, sans kids. He was so great to happily go with me! How could I not go? THE WHOLE STORE WAS 50% OFF...SERIOUSLY.

Apparently some big wig in the Old Navy chain decided to sell down the outlet and then close it for 2 months to do a remodel. UM Yeah great idea...I am so sure that when all is said and done and the numbers come back THAT guy will be wishin' he had rethought that decision, course he'll have plenty of time to think about it WHILE HE SITS ON UNEMPLOYMENT!

Seriously what were they thinking closing down in the middle of SEASON??? Why not wait until January when literally you can lay down in the middle of the strip and not get hit by a car till MARCH?

So if some big wig is going to be oh so smart, I am so totally going to take advantage of it. So my hottie and I walked out of Old Navy with 2 giant heavy bags!

Now fast forward 2 days because I have no patience to try things on in the store...I am in my room trying on ALL the clothes I bought when I get to the last pair of jeans:

Size 6

Now I knew when I grabbed them that I probably wouldn't like them, but they were $7. Jeans for $7, I had to try them.

Now here is what I learned:

Just because a gal is a size 6, which I certainly ain't complaining about, does not mean ultra low rise is for her, or me in this case!

The jeans totally fit, but if I wear them i may be asked to deplane a Southwest airplane. :)

I will leave you with one final thought....

Why do you suppose they have ultra lowrise jeans in sizes higher than oh say a 1?


Janelle said...

At least you got some cute things when you returned them!

I call that a bonus buy! Now I am off to try on all the cute things I bought.

Alana said...

I think a trip to Old Navy will be something for me to do on Thursday morning during the bike race. Thanks for the heads up.

shelley said...

OK, first off, what's up with the Bike Race? Second, I think Old Navy man might have aready "re-thought" his plan. Today they said that now they're only planning on closing for 2 days, in a couple of weeks, and then re-opening. Which, I'm totally excited about, because that means we'll have CUTE Old Navy stuff for the Holiday season!!! Third, I've seen some of the "ultra low rise jeans" on people, and well...let's just say that there are very few people out there that can, or should wear them!!!

michelle said...

I guess I better get myself over there and snag some bargains. I think I'll skip on the ultra low rise jeans! Thanks!