Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thursday 13

13 things I have to do in the next week

1. parent orientation tonight at 6 pm

2. take mom to Target (she is recovering from surgery and has spent 2 weeks in the house--she is now as excited to go to Target as I ALWAYS am)

3. First Kindermusik class with Miss Alana--AJ is so excited!

4. Open Gym IMMEDIATELY after kindermusik--where I am the adult in charge.

5. Soccer Practice for JP 4:30 Friday

6. Hoping for a HOT DATE with my awesome husband Friday night. Keeping fingers crossed!

7. 9am soccer game for JP on Saturday.

8. Family Fun day Saturday after I do a smidge of work at Giftshop. I think we are going to hit SDC.

9. Work all day Sunday--keeping fingers crossed that staff is trained enough to handle the store while I run to church for 1 1/2. Sounds easy--HA! Have you ever TRIED to hire Sunday help?!

10. Monday- Gymnastics for AJ, Soccer Practice for JP, Football practice for JP

11. Tuesday-MOPS Meeting , Biddy soccer for AJ

12. Wednesday- teach 2 gymnastics classes and then AAH! Nothing planned for evening

13. Thursday- Meeting in daytime, JP football Game at 5:30 and then Boy Scouts at 6pm--did I mention the game lasts one hour and football and BS are completely across town from each other?????



Janelle said...

You go girl! You love chaos and I meltdown.

We will see you at some of that fun stuff!

Alana said...

I love the crunchy leaves, the pumpkins, the crisp air, but not the busyness. I need time to sit and enjoy my apple cider!

Looking forward to KM with Avery tomorrow!

See you then!

shelley said...

Enjoy your Chaos!!!