Sunday, October 14, 2007

If I had time to MYSELF I would...

What would you do, if you had time to yourself?

This occurred to me for the first time ever in my memory of the past 10+ years, last night.

I was by myself.

What is a girl to do by herself???

I filled my alone time appropriately with favorite friends for an evening of lasagna and girl talk.
It was only after the girls left that I realized I was alone.

All by myself.

It is amazing how ice dropping at 2 am is SCARY!

I was terrified when I finally climbed in to bed knowing the house was secure and I breathed a sigh of relief and then the freezer decided to break the silence with ice falling.

I made it through the night and finally fell asleep after 1 episode of Zack and Cody and 1 episode of Hannah Montana.

I know silly.

Now hopefully I will be prepared for the next time I am ALONE.....

In another 10 years!!!


Janelle said...

I bet Mr. JPSMOM is getting a big hug and welcome home. Good thing he protects you from the scary ice. :)

Alana said...

I'm not sure I've ever been alone in my house without kids or husband, but those sounds are more prominent when Rich is not around!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

It's funny how you don't notice the normal noises until you are by yourself! That happens to me every time my hubby travels!

Sherri said...

I wasn't completely alone on Sat. night, but without my husband. It just feels so strange without him here. I put Ginger, our Yorkie, in the bed with me..haha! I just liked having something else moving around in the bed with me during the night.
We say we want the time then don't know what to do with it!