Saturday, October 6, 2007

June Cleaver meets Brittnay Spears

Thank you all for your "votes". Because I value your opinions I will be wearing the 2 outfits that you all chose.

The game was fun. The boys lost AGAIN! I can't help but think part of the losing streak is actually the stadium itself. For those of you who watch "Friday Night Lights" on NBC and know that stadium that the Dillion Panthers play in, the stadium here puts that stadium to shame.

We are talking actual seats NOT bleachers. Concession stands with flat screen fancy large tvs all over, so when you are getting a snack you don't miss a second of the game. There is no more of the simple tables piled with t-shirts to sell, because now they have their own "merchandise shop". The announcers booth is larger than most colleges.

Did I mention you NEVER have to even rub elbows with the opposing team? They have their own entrance, their own concession stand, their own bathrooms, and their own bleachers. That's right the opposing team has BLEACHERS about half the size of the home seating.

Apparently though the opposing team doesn't mind sitting in discomfort because they win...every time.

The highschool games of today are not what they were of yesterday. They have lost their excitement. I mean when you go to a highschool ball game and never stand and scream in excitement...there is a problem.

Without crowd involvement, games are not won.

So with that night one of the reunuion weekend was fun. It appears we were one of the first to have children and there are a lot of people that don't have any kids.

As we left last night it was clear that our path had been chosen for us and we LOVE it.

We love being the mom, the dad, the volunteer, the gymnastiics teacher, the soccer coach, the football coach, the boo boo kisser, the go to bed early people, the shocked when someone calls my 6 year old SEXY to his face (more on that later)....

So now I will say good morning and I will go frost the cupcakes I just made at 8am on a Saturday morning.

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Alana said...

Wally and Beaver are cute licking the bowl...