Friday, October 26, 2007

Santa is a ghost for Halloween....

Yesterday, or rather in the wee morning hours of Thursday, my neighborhood was violated. I will call the perpentrators punks for this post, because they must be teenagers. Mis-lead teenagers without many of the character traits I spoke of yesterday.

Many people in our neighborhood woke to find their driveways filled with nails, purses stolen, cars broke into, cars keyed, and more.

We were fortunate to only have Aaron's car keyed. It really is odd to see the blessing in the whole event. You see 3 weeks ago someone "broke" into his unlocked car and stole some $1 sunglasses and some box knife razor blades. We did not file a report, we just started locking the door. Our suspects were one of many teenagers that Aaron has actually thrown his body in front of their speeding cars to enforce them to drive with respect to our children filled streets.

So as odd as it may seem, I was "happy" to know it was not just us.

So on the first VERY cold day of this season, I spent a bit of time helping my parents clean their garage a smidge so they could STUFF their large SUV in. In 30 years of marriage this is the first time they have EVER had 2 cars in the garage! It was a good thing we actually just reorganized their garage 2 weeks ago!

Of course with all the cleaning their was still no room for the 4 1/2 foot tall 200 pound Santa Claus. With some quick thinking and knowing that around here you have Christmas FULLY decorated on NOV 1st, I grabbed a white sheet and drew eyes on it and TA-DA...

Santa is a ghost for Halloween!

Whatever happened to punks smashing pumpkins around Halloween?

It must be so 1900's.


dawn said...

Dad gum, Jen. SO sorry about that. I hope your neighborhood filed a report. Keep us posted on what happens.

Janelle said...

What a major bummer! I hate it when people ruin our freedoms.

Fly, Santa, fly!

Anonymous said...

Very creative with the Santa! I hope the punks get caught. Smashing pumpkins and toilet paper in the trees in one thing. Property damage is quite another.

shelley said...

Maybe one day the "punks" will realize that it's not all fun and games to destroy property.

We need a pic of Santa's costume!

Alana said...

Yes, a pic would be good.

And once Nov 1st rolls around you can put a sign on the Santa that says

"You better watch out, Santa Claus is coming to town"

...and maybe Santa could have a hidden camera...or is that illegal. just a thought.

Pam said...

So sorry.