Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tiny Patriots

Kids are the funniest creatures.

They have the most amazing imaginations.

We live sandwich in amongst girls. The neighbors to the left have a 6th grade girl and a Kindergarten girl. The neighbors to the right have a 2nd grade girl and then highschool kids.

Then there is us with a sweet adorable little 3 year old girl and a very handsome and kind 1st grade boy.

Our yard is "the meetin' place"

I love this...even on the days when I really just don't have time to be outside supervising 5 kids.

Today was one of those days...I didn't have time to "play", but the garage door was up and everyone escaped. So I followed.

It is so awesome to watch a pint sized peanut chasing after "big" kids screaming 'wait for me girls!'.

The girls and ahem boy ran down the hill into the woods. A couple of weeks ago my boys built a clubhouse in the woods off the back side of our shed. The kids have LOVED this space. They have decorated it with a rug and chairs and tables and sticks and stones....oh and a mailbox. It is their treasure, something they ALL worked on. They have even been raking the ground!

They all ran in the path,which they had lined with rocks, and then abruptly stopped lined up and put their hands on their hearts.

I thought what are they doing?

Then in unison the said The Pledge of Allegiance.

As I looked closely I could see a flag decorated pencil tied to a tree!

How cute is that! What a great "clubhouse rule".


shelley said...

Oh that is SO cute! I hope one day, our house can be "the meetin' place!"

dawn said...

Great story. We, too, have some great neighbor kids and our yard is the meetin' place lots of times. There is something so special about neighbor friends. I think those are lifelong friendships...at least I hope they are!

Janelle said...

The memories of these times will linger over the years. Those kids will cherish their childhood clubhouse.

Anonymous said...

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