Thursday, November 1, 2007

And I thought I was just smart...

Where do you keep your bananas?

Silly question huh?

Well we keep our bananas in the refrigerator. There are a few good reasons behind this logic:

-we do not have fruit flies EVER.
-they last longer...cuz you know how expense bananas are these days!
-if I happen to ahem forget that we have bananas, it is not a problem. No goo to clean up or infestations of small fruit fly colonies.


So this afternoon my daughter was with my mom who was eating a bright yellow banana.

AJ- are you eating a banana?

Grammy- Yes

AJ- is it a banilla one?

Grammy- what?!

AJ- i don't like the chocolate ones.

Grammy- what?!

AJ- you know the chocolate ones mommy has in the frigerator. I only like banilla ones.

Grammy- great laughter

Maybe this will save her a lifetime of desiring chocolate. I mean really I am just looking out for her in the long term. :)


shelley said...

OK, that's funny! I noticed awhile back when you said you kept your bananas in the refridgerator, and I did think, "don't they turn brown?" Obviously So! I do understand why, though. Those fruit flies are annoying! I'd do it too, only I'm with AJ, I like the banilla ones!

Celeste said...

That is really funny! Where did you pick that up? Jamas does that too, and it took me awhile to get used to putting every single produce item in the fridge. It must be a family thing or something?!

Alana said...

Banilla bananas. Cute!

Janelle said...

I like the banilla mint ones. They have to be slightly green.

This is so cute!!

dawn said...

Funny! I guess you will have to endure flies like the rest of us do.

It's for the greater good.