Thursday, November 8, 2007

Boogers Aisle 17

Yes I just said Boogers.




You know it is kinda a funny word. I can see why the kids giggle.

Anyway I digress...the other day we were at Wal-mart. We needed some pink computer paper, so we wandered down the normally vacant office aisle only to be greeted by LOTS of other customers. It was at that precisely quiet moment surrounded by people when AJ asked LOUDLY, "do we pick our noses in the bathroom?"

Now most kids you can just pretend you didn't hear the question and just walk fast and whisper the answer when you are alone...not AJ. If you don't answer her she repeats louder and lOUDER until you answer. Soooo....I answered, "Yes if you have to pick your nose, you do it in the bathroom and then you wash your hands."


Not from AJ, but from the other shoppers.

Cheeks getting red, is it hot in here????

So I must ask what do you tell your children about nose picking?

I chose the you do it in the bathroom choice because I think when we say "Don't pick your nose"...the kids only hear "pick your nose". From that I have never had to tell JP to stop picking his nose....I have never seen him do it. AJ has been reminded once.

So am I weird? I mean they are gonna do it, better where no one can see em right?


shelley said...

Ya know, I've always just said "Let's get you a tissue", but in all honesty, I don't think it has worked that well! So, I think the "in the bathroom" idea is brilliant! And the other shoppers were just giggling because, they too, have been there! Again, AJ reminds me So much of Ellie...their voices can cut through the Loudest of noises to be Heard!

Janelle said...

I wish I could get my kids to head to the bathroom to do thier nose business. I wish...

I have the word "snot" in my title, so boogers are right up my alley.

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

I think that's a great idea! Don't you just love what they ask in public?

Alana said...

I've heard you say that before and thought it was a good idea, but I've never been able to get my kids to do it.

I do say, "Do you need a tissue?" and that either gets them to stop or go get a tissue.