Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A day to write home about...

Yesterday was a beautiful day filled with the perfection one wishes for on their anniversary.

Well...maybe not what ALL people wish for on their anniversary, but it was my perfect day.

There were no flowers, no chocolates, no expensive gifts, no candle lit dinner, and no fancy schmancy dessert, and yet it was MY PERFECT DAY. may ask?

Let me tell ya!
The weather was GORGEOUS! It was a blustery day with the chill of autumn and the rustling of leaves sparkled with the warmth of the brilliant sun. Really how can things get much better than that?

Smiling faced, cheerful, sharing, well rested, happy children is a great day in itself. AJ even cleaned her room PERFECTLY when asked! SHOCKING! The two of them played poly pockets in the bathroom for almost an hour!?

After 8 years of marriage I was actually scurrying around cleaning the house and doing wifely duties when my hard working husband arrived home for the evening. My goal was to have the entire upstairs completely SPOTLESS when he arrived...I almost made it. The kids rooms, bathroom, living room, and master bedroom were all in order. The breakfast nook, kitchen, and dining room NOT SO MUCH....I should have had him climb through JP's window for the grand entrance. That would have year.

So I left my groom to clean the kitchen while I ran off to do my duty as a citizen of this country and vote. It was a peaceful and stressless experience and really the thought of leaving the home every evening for a 15 minute drive is quite exciting! I got to listen to adult music!
When I arrived home from my 15 minutes of pure bliss the kitchen was clean and the children were wanting to make a cheese plate just for Aaron and I as a celebration of our anniverary...what cuties!
I stalled them from the cheese plate and enticed them downstairs for an evening of Christmas decorating!
We spent the evening listening to Christmas music and reminscing about all the memories that each ornament had. That accompanied by heavy furniture lifting, toy cleaning, cooking the children dinner, putting the children to bed, and then Aaron and I making our dinner and dessert together was an evening of peace and perfection! Exactly the kind of memories I signed up for when I said "I Do" 8 years ago! I love you Aaron! my day was the best...thank you!
I will post on the AMAZING POTATO recipe and the yummy brown bread soon!!!

our first Christmas ornament

even a celebrity made an appearance!

he thinks he is a celebrity!

JP wanted to take this photo...notice we did not dress for the occasion!


Alana said...

So glad you had a good day.

A picture of Aaron climbing through JP's windown for an entrance would have made a great blog post!

shelley said...

Yes, next year I want to see that picture! I'm glad you had a Great Anniversary too. Sometimes a Great, "Normal" day is just the way to Celebrate!

Janelle said...

Wonderful way to celebrate the richness of your marriage.

One tree down. How many more to go?