Friday, November 9, 2007

The Flipside

I have always been a positive thinker. In fact a crayon drawn framed picture is in my hallway that I drew when I was a child, it reads:
I have always believed if I say that each morning, it will be true.
So when things happen that most people would be sad about I can usually see the silver lining.
Anyhoo let me get to my point or my picture won't make any sense.....
After having 2 children the northern hemisphere of my body is a bit lacking.
BUT there is a plus side...
I can wear the size 14-16 at the oh so cute store at the Landing with the same name as my boy!
How fun is that?
I can have matching clothes to AJ!!!!!


dawn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dawn said...

That was me that deleted. I mis read your post.

I will say that you are one lucky gal. Not many moms can say they can wear jrs size clothing. So count your many blessings, my friend.

Size 14-16 at the "J" store...that just ain't right.

shelley said...

AMEN DAWN, That just ain't RIGHT!
Flip side: But you two do look CUTE!

Alana said...

Cute shirts. I heart soccer, too.