Monday, November 12, 2007

It is hereditary...really it is.

The other night i enjoyed an evening out with other B-town bloggers. We played an intense game of NERTZ. It was a really really fun night.

The competition was on, even though more than half of us had never even heard of the game. We caught on quick and the smack was being laid down.

I can get a bit intense when it comes to competition. I was born to win. I do EVERYTHING with 150% effort. I would not be defined as a 'millenial' (60 minutes last night), but that is a topic for a different ranting post. I expect to win or succeed at what I do, that is just me.

So today when I was trying to decide what to post I really wanted to have a picture in it and low and behold I found this one:

My son playing an INTENSE game of air hockey and what else WINNING! That was his game face as he defeated his opponent, a sweet adorable girl celebrating her 7th birthday who paid for this game of air hockey. So really in the "game world" there are no feelings, it is just WIN OR GO HOME!

disclaimer: note to the reader this post was compiled in conjunction with the whole onslaught of smack talk that went with the said NERTZ night in question. The author really does have kind feelings for her opponents; and she is in fact NOT teaching her children that winning is everything. She is however teaching her children to always give 150% in life and if they end up winning great.


Janelle said...

OK people. Birthday girls SHOULD win all party games on their birthday. It's just good manners! :)

shelley said...

Oh Jen, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Lauren@Baseballs&Bows said...

NERTZ is a seriously competitive game! We play it with church friends, and even though we love each other, we are ready to take each other out! :)

nertzfan said...

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