Thursday, November 29, 2007

My arm is wet...

I have said it before...

I get easily sidetracked.

I am a multi-tasker and many times I get to working and I see something that reminds me to do something else so I do it then I forget what I was doing.

evidence number 1:

I washed a load of NOTHING the other night because I started the washer and on my way to grab the laundry from my room the computer screen caught my eye with an evite. Oh I gotta write that in my dayplanner before I forget....20 minutes later I walk past an open washer swashing around soapy water.

We are such "green people".

evidence number 2:

I walked outside yesterday afternoon with the house phone and got distracted by playing basketball with JP. At 4pm TODAY I needed to make a phonne call and could not find the phone. I paged it...nothing. So I began walking through the house listening for the beeping. When I was in the breakfast nook I heard a faint beep and went into the garage...louder but still nothing. Went all the way outside to the driveway and voila there is was!

evidence number 3:

Today I was sorting the bills and taking care of the random phone calls when AJ wanted to go swimming OUTSIDE. While being put on hold I talked her into swimming inside in the tub. So I started the water and finished my 2nd and 3rd phone calls. AJ does not like the water high so she ALWAYS turns it off after about an inch of water. After my 3rd call, I was brought back to the present and heard THE WATER STILL RUNNING!!! I dashed into the bathroom to see AJ smiling, swimming with goggles, and the water running over the top of the tub! With my fleece covered arm I reached in and pulled the plug only to slew water all over the bathroom after pulling my arm out. I felt the water wasn't draining fast enough and was worried about it running through the drywall to the basement so I grabbed a cup. A CUP?! to drain extra water into the sink. Just as I realized how silly that was I threw the cup which I thought was empty down, and ran for the not 1 but 2 ringing phones. LET THE MACHINE GET IT WOMAN!!!

evidence number 4:

While my arm is still wet and AJ is still wearing a wet bikini I decided to call the insurance company and ask them why they still haven't paid a claim. ????? After being on hold for 25 minutes, and yes while on hold I changed my clothes, got AJ out of the bikini, but still no clothes for her, I finally got a human. However this human wasn't much better than the automated machine because the problem is still not solved and she took 15 minutes to figure it out, which left me with 5 minutes to drive 10minutes to pick up JP from art class. And of course AJ was still without clothes.

evidence number 5:

this one is not so much about sidetracking, but it adds to the chaos of 3 and 4. I begged the strong willed AJ to hop into the car wearing an ugly pj dress because it was fast. Thankfully she obliged and off we went flying down the old country road to retrieve the boy. The cell phone only rang 2 times on the way to get him and AJ fell asleep, but on the way home on the country road something biggish was in the middle so I went over it. Terrible noises occurred and panic insued. Shortly after that a large truck came towards us on this less than a one car wide country road so I was forced to get over in the ditch of trees. Scratchy noises on paint were heard. Phone ringing. AGAIN. Crackling voice on other end says something about needing to change the school yearbook photos by tomorrow. Did I hear you right?! We pull into the driveway and Daddy is not home yet....



KreativeMix said...

your blog is quite interesting.

Alana said...

Wow, what a day! I hope you are able to have a bath of your own! You could always try some of those Origins gumballs ;-)

shelley said...

Wow. That sounds exhausting! Good thing it didn't rain last night! :)

michelle said...

I feel for you! I've had days just like that! Hang in there!

Janelle said...

Chicago never looked better. How many days until you leave?

Teresa said...

Jen, we are two peas in a pod today!

You had me laughing out loud!

And your calgon comment at the end...I just posted the exact same thing on my blog! I just finished posting mine and then started reading others...too funny!

HOpefully tomorrow is better for us!

Carissa said...

i'm worn out reading that!!!

Kimmy said...

Yes, my dear, we will get along just fine!!!! Let's just hope nobody depends on us :)

This cracked me up!
We are such "green people".

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I know those things weren't funny at the time, but they were funny to read! If it makes you feel any better, I lost one of our phones for 3 MONTHS! The ringer was off, so the pager feature wouldn't work. I found it in a toy box in the bonus room closet. Go figure!

Rochelle said...

LOL!! I have done evidence #1 a couple of times!! You certainly deserve to buy a case of Calgon!